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10 Hilarious Things That Can Only Be Executed Perfectly By Women


10 Hilarious Things That Can Only Be Executed Perfectly By Women

What’s the most amazing thing a woman had ever done in your memory?

Behind every great man, there’s a greater woman. At least that’s how the saying goes for some great men. But what about the ones who were not recorded in history, say, your wife? Well, Green Lemon thinks it’s just right that as we’re in lockdown, to learn about the best jokes women have ever pulled of history.

Have a great day, guys!

1. Women who keep their man reminded of the most important thing. Except that one important thing…

Reddit | Harzoo_Zo_Morakh

2. They also know the best kind of pranks to pull.

Reddit | Olikria

3. This wife, though, is an amazing mixer. The song is called ‘Dave Don’t Snore’.


4. To them, size is not important.

Reddit | suspicious_luggage

5. Their attempt at cosplay is also mind-boggling.

Reddit | NotLucasHood

6. When it comes to surviving, they have higher percentage to be alive.


7. Guys literally have to try to not starve themselves to death without them.

Reddit | puckpuckpuck

8. They consider every moment out to be rest time.

Reddit | dat-random-word-here

9. Normalize crying… maybe?


10. They’ll always be able to get you to come for a boring concert even if it means holding hands for hours on.

Reddit | treycash

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