10+ Girls Who Throw Their Own Proms At Home After Schools Cancel Them

10+ Girls Who Throw Their Own Proms At Home After Schools Cancel Them

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Whose prom got cancelled? March 31st marked the National Prom Day but with quarantine and social distancing regulation in place, proms and other types of gatherings are naturally cancelled. From big festivals such as the Coachella to your high school’s prom – it’s a new decade filled with cancellations.

But don’t give up – Ellen DeGeneres decided to invite those who’ve been expecting and preparing for prom, but got it cancelled to show off their looks. And it has been receiving some beautiful replies as well as people who share how their family have been holding their own mini-prom!

“I did a little photoshoot in my prom dress today.”


“I was not about to let my prom dress go to waste since prom was canceled. Yes, I took a Cinderella picture.”


“They canceled my brother’s prom, so we threw our own.”


“He knew I was sad because prom is canceled but decided to give me one anyways.”


“My prom got canceled, so here’s my dress for you to enjoy because no one else will ever see it.”


Gosh, that perfect figure and dress! Don’t worry girl, a lot of people are seeing this and they are ENVYING your looks!

“My prom isn’t this weekend but it is must likely cancelled. This is supposed to be my dress.”


“My WEDDING was supposed to be this weekend.”


“This is my senior prom dress…my prom was supposed to be April 3rd, it was postponed.”


“It may not happen since Arizona schools are closed for the rest of the school year. I fell in love with this dress the second I put it on and I have never felt so amazing!”

Yes, you look amazing girl, rock that dress once we get through this all together!

“My bf and I couldn’t attend prom last year. So now we will never get the special moment to go together.”


“It’s my first prom, too…”

“The prom dress of my daughter’s dreams. Sobbing not because prom is canceled this year but because she looks like a million dollars in it.”


“#homeprom with my 3 daughters, 2 boyfriends, and husband this past Saturday. All of us on quarantine.”


And here’s another who didn’t want to miss her chance of a beautiful photoshoot!