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Woman With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Gets More Injections Administered To Look Dramatic


Woman With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Gets More Injections Administered To Look Dramatic

It’s pretty extreme, but she’s happy.

The name “Anastasiia Pokreshchuk” is possibly not NEW to you. But if this is your first time, the Instagram model has spent nothing less than £1,600 plumping her face full of dermal fillers. The Ukraine-native has, over the years, undergone several cosmetic procedures, including Botox, chin and jaw reshaping, veneers, and liposuction.

The 32-Year-Old is back at it! And this time, she has more filler injected into her face to look more dramatic. 

Notably, Anastasiia started administering filler at age 26 and has previously insisted her cosmetic procedures have made her more confident than ever. When she made an appearance on This Morning, the model had claimed she looked like a hamster before her copious amounts of filler and that she holds no regrets about her extreme look. 

Sharing her newest procedure, Anastasiia took to Instagram & showed a practitioner administering fillers.

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The video on her Instagram story saw the model chatting with friends in an apartment before showing the beautician filling up a syringe and injecting one of her friends’ faces as Anastasiia chats to the camera. Her audience then saw a close-up shot of the model having filler injected into her face before proudly showing the results. 

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Anastasiia sometimes uses online tutorials to administer her injections, insisting she’s like a doctor and sterilizes all of her equipment to avoid infection. 

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While she had been warned of potential infection due to administering fillers for herself, the model insisted she won’t die as there’s an antidote. She stressed that an infection is not good, but everything she uses is sterilized. When asked if she gets romantic attention on The Morning Show, Anastasiia shared that she gets attention for her filler and romance. 

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However, her mom thinks she’s a little crazy, but the model has no regrets and is very happy with her cheeks.  

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