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Woman Wins $40.3 Million In Lawsuit Over Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Linked To Cancer


Woman Wins $40.3 Million In Lawsuit Over Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Linked To Cancer

Mesothelioma – rare cancer affecting 0.3% of people in 365 days.

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered by a Los Angeles Jury to pay an Idaho Woman $40.3 million for developing mesothelioma, cancer associated with asbestos in the company’s baby powder.

Nancy Cabibi, aged 71, got diagnosed with fatal cancer, which strikes the linings of the human lungs. Two years ago, she had undergone surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy as well as radiation.

With the major cause of mesothelioma still very much unknown, evidence, however, suggested that asbestos can camp in the lungs, and in turn corrupt the lungs’ genetic materials as well as ginger the development of cancer.

While Cabibi had pushed the total bill the company has to foot at $50billion, over 14,000 lawsuits alleged Johnson & Johnson baby powder triggered ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.

The Mesothelioma is an uncommon cancer that strikes just 3,000 people in 365days, totaling less than 0.3%. On the other hand, the World Health Organization describes asbestos as a popular carcinogen that causes larynx, ovarian cancers, and mesothelioma.

A jury awarded Nancy Cabibi $40.3 million after alleging that the Johnson & Johnson’s asbestos baby powder causes her mesothelioma

Woman Wins $40.3 Million In Lawsuit Over Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Linked To Cancer

It’s a mineral, but asbestos ingredients are unusual since it can be pulled apart into microscopic fibers that don’t break down easily. To this end, those fibers get camped in the lungs of individuals exposed to asbestos, causing havoc on cells.

This was, however, Johnson & Johnson’s defense. An attorney representing the pharmaceutical company claimed the Idaho Woman and husband, Phil had been exposed to asbestos while living around an industrial area in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, Cabibi’s test result revealed that both the anthophyllite and tremolite asbestos is contained in Johson & Johnson’s powder as well as in its Shower to Shower product, in which Cabibi had used both.

‘Nancy Cabibi is presently fighting to survive every single day because of the asbestos in Johnson & Johnson powder. While we are satisfied with the verdict, we’ll continue to fight on behalf of many others that have been harmed.’ David Greenstone, Cabibi attorney stated.

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