Woman Posts Her 'Deleted' Pics On Instagram To Dispel The 'Perfect' Photos Illusion

Woman Posts Her ‘Deleted’ Pics On Instagram To Dispel The ‘Perfect’ Photos Illusion

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Chessie King is a presenter who’s made a name for herself on Instagram as well. Much like other influencers, she loves to share posts of her lifestyle and flex once in a while. But the woman has recently been known as the woman that encourages people to be themselves online when it comes to body shape.

“I’ve been guilty of it; I can put my hands up & say my recently deleted folder has been full of photos I ‘hated’ of myself, photos I’d pray no one would see,” Chessie admits. But she doesn’t let that put her down and instead turns it into a lesson to share with others.

“Just remind yourself whilst having a scroll, a big chunk of the photos you see posted on here are the ones that cut out of a selection.”

An avid social network builder, she saw how everyone strives to show perfection on Instagram.

“I got sucked into all these traps when I was younger so now I want to protect you.”

It always frustrates her because social media is full of people who keep on feeding themselves of the perfect picture that they ‘should’ be.

Her spot-on facial expression and amazing pose easily makes her pictures look amazing.

She commented, “Instagram is FLOODED with the left photos when actually we should be drowning in ‘the real-life booty’ pictures.”

Chessie recalls, “I never saw anything less than perfection on my newsfeed, from smooth-skinned tanned teeny weeny bikini photos to post-workout beautiful selfies captioned ‘5.30 am spin class.'”

She is also frank about her lifestyle that is not that strict all the time. She has cheat days and even times when she’d feel too lazy to move around. But it doesn’t bother her.

“I’ve just been super accepting of it, it’s my body & if that’s what it wants to do, I’ll let it,” she explains.

“A really important thing for me is that when people see me in real life, they see exactly what they say on here.”

She lays out the fact that some of the ‘Instagram’ versions are edited on apps, making it super easy to look like you have smaller legs and a flatter tummy. There are times when you’ll feel a bit bloated or skip workout days, but for Chessie, you shouldn’t be “wasting time being sad about it.”

When it comes to motivation, she shares her favorite quote, “What other people think about me is none of my business.”

“Because I’d be lying if I just posted the left photo…”

Trolls would often comment about her body ever since she’d become more open about it.

But they had nothing on her – she remains steadfast in spreading her healthy body confidence message.

“It’s a deceiving place this whole Instagram thing but I’m here to remind you daily that the girl on the right exists!”

“Body confidence isn’t a size, it isn’t a color, it isn’t a height, it isn’t a weight!”

“That’s your body, that’s your home for the rest of your life,” she reminds people.

A majority of the perfect pictures people share on Instagram are just the select few of hundreds they take that day.

“I posted this back in summer 2017 when my feed was quite literally a sea of ‘perfection.'”

Oh, and don’t forget, that your facial muscles can be very expressive, too!

“3 years ago, I wouldn’t have ever posted a photo like the right.”

But now, Chessie is always actively spreading the body-positive message with the ‘reality’ version on the right. Constantly reminding people that they have normal bodies to love and be proud of has made Chessie hesitant to post ‘perfect’ pictures because she doesn’t want people to feel crap about themselves!