Woman Lets Blood Runs Down The Floor In Front Of Managers To Prove New Dress Code Is No Good

Woman Lets Blood Runs Down The Floor In Front Of Managers To Prove New Dress Code Is No Good

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Businessmen will do anything to make their customers and guests feel better which includes having their employees dress appropriately. In one casino, the dress code has always been one that keeps the men and women who work there comfortable.

But one day, discriminating changes were made that prompted Reddit user Inconvenientsilence to make extreme decisions. It involved a little blood sacrifice, but she made her point loud and clear to her ignorant upper managements and saved her fellow co-workers.

This 19-year-old girl had to spend 12 hours in a painful pair of heels after a change in dress code policies.


And there was more than this. As the user revealed later in the comment section, female workers had it harder than the males. They were under scrutiny at all times if policies were not followed.

For example, “The guys had it easy, if the girls didn’t wear makeup we would get pulled up but the guys would wear thick watches which was against the dress code but they never got told off. That’s the part that did bother me.”

The story also happens about 4 or 5 years ago when she was 19. Then, teenager, she didn’t know that she could sue the company and the management for injuries at the workplace. But her sad story didn’t end there,

“Unfortunately after I decided to hand in my notice shortly after this they claimed I never handed in my notice and give me bad references to bar jobs I applied for, even though the bar manager actually put me up for promotion.”

But she’s finally picking up expertise that will prevent any workplace from abusing her again. She’s taking a class in law this month and will learn about employment rights and contracts.

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