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Woman Left With Painful ‘Lizard’ Neck After Botched Cosmetic Procedure To Tighten Skin


Woman Left With Painful ‘Lizard’ Neck After Botched Cosmetic Procedure To Tighten Skin

Trypophobia warning to readers!

A 59-year-old woman complains about painful and horrible-looking skin after she got a botched cosmetic procedure. Jayne Bowman from Hampshire spent £500 on the procedure that went wrong.

Jayne learned about the procedure on Facebook, and instead of the promised, promoted result, she experienced pain.

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She’s now looking raise awareness of the importance of checking if your practitioner is reliable. She spoke, “I don’t go out without a scarf on. In fact, I don’t like going out at all, I’d rather go out in the rain where I’ve got a hood up, and nobody can see me.”

“I’m not slating all beauticians because they’re not all the same, but there are many of them out there that are bad. Stick to professional people.”

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Jayne was looking for a procedure because of her double chin that appeared after going through a diet. She shared, “I was so proud of my recent weight loss, but I’d been left with excess skin that had left me with an unsightly double chin, and I hated it.”

So she went to Facebook to ask around, “Can anyone recommend me somewhere to get Botox on my double chin?”

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Then a beauty therapist shared with her about “fibroblast plasma,” and that’s how she got interested in doing the procedure. Jayne continued, “I checked out her page and saw she had great reviews and all the qualifications.”

Yet, things immediately felt wrong after the procedure. She recalled, “But when I got home, my neck felt like it was on fire.”

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“Weeks later, there was no change at all apart from horrible scarring. I had hundreds of brow dots all over my chest and chest. I looked like a lizard!”

“All I was left with was unsightly red dots all over my neck. I couldn’t bear going out of the house because of the awful scarring.”

She consulted with a solicitor who couldn’t get any further with her, and when legal means didn’t seem viable, she turned to leave a scathing review on Facebook. But to her shock, she was reported for harassment.

“Before long, I was contacted by the police saying I’d been harassing the beautician. I was utterly astonished. But I knew I was in the right when the other people messaged to say that the same had happened to them.”

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“Now I am fighting hard and have even launched a petition calling for much stricter regulations in the beauty industry.”

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“I am not after money; I just want justice for being butchered at the beauticians. It honestly has been a living nightmare, and I am living with the scars to prove it.”

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The spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care has spoken up, “Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure should take the time to find a reputable, safe and qualified practitioner and consider the potential impact of surgery on both their physical and mental health.”

“Patient safety must always come first, which is why we are considering whether there needs to be more clarity around how treatments are classified and stronger, more robust safeguards for the regulation of providers of these treatments.”

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