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Woman Left Embarrassed After Her Jeans Ripped On School Run


Woman Left Embarrassed After Her Jeans Ripped On School Run

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We presently live in a world where smartphones have become reliable accessories than people. An outfit mishap is now commonly experienced. Presuming you’re at a truly spectacular gathering, it’s easy to find yourself being the subject of tons of Instagram, live stream, and even photos. It’s worth it to ensure that your outfit is in tip-top shape before you mistakenly bear it to the world. 

Being unnoticeably bare to the world is the recent case of Katt Rogers, a 24-Year-Old who was left embarrassed after realizing she had been walking around with a hole in her jeans. Katt got to known she had been baring her full backside when staff at Asda Bodmin supermarket pointed out that her jeans had split right down in the middle.

Before heading to the Supermarket, the mom-of-two had dropped her boys, identified as Alfie, 3, and George, 4, off at school, not knowing she had given both parents and teachers a view. No-one in the school, according to Katt, stopped her to comment about her exposed backside.

Katt decided to laugh at her misfortune. She took to social media and explained she got dressed up, carried out her usual school run, but no teachers nor parents said anything. (The post has now been deleted). ‘So many people saw me that day and didn’t say anything. Some teachers must have seen me, and I probably became the butt of jokes in the staff room.’

‘Fortunately, I was able to tile a little crop coat around my waist to get out of the store. I was so mortified that I made my mom do the school pick up later that day. I couldn’t face it.’ Katt added.  However, since the unfortunate occurrence, Katt had torn the pair of jeans into pieces and thrown it away in a bid not to go through the same ordeal again. Meanwhile, wardrobe malfunction seems to occur at inconvenient times.

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