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Woman Had Enough Of Her Size H Breasts, So She Set GoFundMe For Size Reduction


Woman Had Enough Of Her Size H Breasts, So She Set GoFundMe For Size Reduction

Kelly’s 34H breasts weigh a stone.

Like every part of the human anatomy, the breast comes in many different shapes and sizes. But then, it turned out there are issues that come with having large breasts. If the mentioned seem familiar, you indeed will find the story of Kelly Michaud relatable. The mom-of-two is desperate for a boob reduction, but it came at £6,500 to go private. 

Some women dream of going ­bigger but Kelly Michaud, 26, decided to take the weight off her chest.

Alex Cousins/SWNS

Sadly, she got no help from the NHS and eventually decided to abandon the struggle to live a normal life. Turning to regular exercise under GP’s instructions, the 26-Year-Old from Harrogate in Yorkshire lost two stones. But her excess skin resulted in pain, and her appeal for surgery was repeatedly turned down. 

The mom-of-two suffered back pain and breast sores due to the weight of her breasts.

Kelly Michaud/GoFundMe

In 2019, Kelly pleaded her case by submitting a second application but again was denied. Her GP opined she’d go private, but with the surgery fees, including the extra thousands for consultations and aftercare, Kelly fell behind in raising funds. 

Kelly Michaud/GoFundMe

Numerous applications for breasts reduction got declined by the NHS.

Kelly Michaud/GoFundMe

“I remember crying to James, feeling stuck and desperate. That day I set up a GoFundMe page, setting my target at £10000 and expecting nothing from it, but within days I’d had more than a hundred donations. I was stunned. Within a month, I hit my target.” Kelly, according to The Sun, explained. 

Overlooking the fails, Kelly launched a GoFundMe and hit a target of over £10K for a private breast reduction.

Kelly Michaud/GoFundMe

She added: “Just after hitting my target, completely out of the blue, I received an email from a cosmetic surgeon, Dan Marsh, who heard about my story and offered to waive his surgery fees and operate for free at his clinic. I was over the moon.” Kelly eventually donated the funds raised on the GoFundMe to a breast cancer charity with a thankful heart.

Thankfully, Cosmetic Surgeon Dan Marsh heard her story and operated her free at his clinic.

Kelly Michaud/Instagram

Kelly realized how many women worldwide suffered from the same issue following her fundraiser launch. Initially, she had thought it was a pretty rare thing, but numerous women, including her close friends, uttered how they wished they could also have the surgery. Nonetheless, Kelly hopes her story helps others not to give up.

The money raised from GoFundMe has since been donated to a breast cancer charity.


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