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Woman Gets ‘Ghosted’ By Family After Spending £45k Transforming Into ‘Human Barbie’


Woman Gets ‘Ghosted’ By Family After Spending £45k Transforming Into ‘Human Barbie’

“I keep on texting but get no replies whatsoever.”

Jessica, nicknamed Jessy Bunny, has shared how her family ghosted her due to a dramatic transformation of herself. The German-born Instagram model said they’ve been blocking her calls, and she finds it sad as she had loved to be in touch, especially with her brother and grandparents. 

At age 17, Jessica left home to begin her transformation. She had paid for her first breast surgery with money she got from her parents to take driving lessons.

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So far, the now 21-Year-Old has had three breast enhancements, a nose job, and multiple lip procedures to achieve her appearance. As seen in her regular posts of how far she’s come, a recently shared picture showed Jessy with short mousy brown hair, glasses, and a lip piercing, while an after showed her in a tight dress with blonde hair and subtle lip filler. 

Her audience had mixed reactions under the post’s comment [now deleted] as one wrote: “I think this is too much too soon. Another said: “This is so incredible what transformations, good for you, girl.” 

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Jessy told an Australian Newspaper Heute of her family action: “This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents. I keep on texting but get no replies whatsoever.”

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Regardless, she hopes to have more surgeries to achieve her finished look, although she admitted she’s scared of needles. “Having the biggest silicone breasts in Austria just isn’t enough for me. I want the most voluminous lips in the whole country, too,” she stated. When asked by Heute if she feels comfortable with her past procedures, she replied: “Getting up in the morning and feeling happy and comfortable in your skin is wonderful.”

Of her teenage years, Jessy recalled, she always pretended to be cool and solid, but she never was. 

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She attested to having short dark hair, dreadlocks, and piercings, but that wasn’t her true self. “My parents had very conservative opinions concerning education. Whenever I wore sexy clothes in summer, it was like a nightmare for them. They handed me silk scarves to cover my cleavage,” Jessy explained. However, her lifestyle as a human Barbie has since attracted a following of 80,700.

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