Woman Flies To Surprise Boyfriend, Only To Find Out He Did The Same Too And It's Hilarious

Woman Flies To Surprise Boyfriend, Only To Find Out He Did The Same Too And It’s Hilarious

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People, being in love, can make you do cute things you never thought you’d for others. It can also make people believe in magic and soulmates – some people were just born to fulfill your other half. After reading what Salma and Finlay did years ago before the pandemic, you’ll definitely believe so.

Love was in the air literally for these two lovebirds.


Sharing on Twitter, Salma wrote how she’s celebrating her fourth anniversary of secretly booking a flight to Edinburgh to surprise her boyfriend. What happened was that Finlay was also thinking of the same thing, and they gave a whole new meaning to ‘star-crossed lovers’ as they landed at approximately the same time.

Upon arriving, Salma checked on with Finlay’s roommate to find his whereabouts. The shocking truth was he’s currently in Paris.


She quickly told Finlay to come back but it was too late – they both flew and landed at about the same time!


Yeah, it was too late.


This story was from four years ago when both of them just wanted to give each other cute surprises. Finlay’s friends couldn’t help but be amazed at how both of them thought of exactly the same thing.


The tweet went viral really quick and it now has more than one million likes.

Finlay realized later that they were both at the airport at the same time, but headed for different directions!


People couldn’t help but gush over how cute this is.