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Which Animal Do You See? Optical Illusion Makes People See Different Animals


Which Animal Do You See? Optical Illusion Makes People See Different Animals

What do you see?

Optical illusions can tell people a lot about their brain and this one isn’t any less fascinating in the way it divides people. Seeing is believing, but did you see a cat or a moose in here?

This viral confusing illusion is claimed to be based on one’s orientation in brain function. In other words, whether you’re left or right-sided.

“Depending on how your brain works, (left or right brain) you’ll either see a cat or a moose in this pattern,” explains the person who shared it on Twitter. “Whatever animal you see isn’t part of the image, it’s just an optical illusion created by your own brain. If you zoom in on any of the features the illusion disappears.”


A tip to help you see the features if you can’t see anything right now is to zoom out or move the image faster to see the animals. Place your phone or device further away, or try to look at the image from the side.

Internet users are pretty split with a majority of them seeing a cat.


The theory behind this is that left-sided people are logical and analytical individuals, while right-brain thinkers tend to be more creative with better intuitions. Although, the lateralization of the brain has not been proven in research.


But there are some who managed to see even something else inside there. And there’s no right answer because when you look close into swirls, the features disappear. There are also hilariously those who can’t see anything.

One commented, “Apparently my brain doesn’t work, I see a bunch of lines.”

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