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What Liz Truss Does With Her Multimillion Pound Fortune


What Liz Truss Does With Her Multimillion Pound Fortune

Liz beat out Rishi Sunak, well-known as a wealthy man, to become U.K’s next PM.

The newly appointed U.K Prime Minister, Liz Truss, is estimated to be worth £8.4million according to Money Transfers, with a yearly remuneration of at least £84,144. This is far from competitor Rishi Sunak, who is believed to be worth £200million, but of course, it hasn’t prevented Truss’ finances from being probed. Instead of knowing how she earns her money, what Truss has been spending garnered public attention. 

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For most people, her private jet trip to Australia remains the highlight, which she chose above the scheduled flights from London to Sydney. The flight reportedly cost over £500,000, which taxpayers paid for. Accordingly, it was pointed out that the Airbus A321 Truss used in January is a private Government plane furnished with a VIP interior.

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Aside from the cost, Truss is also slammed for causing unnecessary pollution and fuel usage when many struggles to fill their car tanks.

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With supporters supports hitting out at Truss and Sunak on Twitter, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Nadine Dorries found herself sucked in, tweeting: Liz Truss will be traveling the country wearing her earrings which cost circa £4.50 from Claire Accessories. Meanwhile, Rishi visits Teesside in Prada shoes worth £450 and sported £3,5000 bespoke suit as he prepared for a crunch leadership vote.”

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The Independent alleged Truss had opted for the private flight for security considerations.

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There were concerns that other passengers might have overheard conversations had she flown on a normal flight. She had traveled to Australia to meet with Australian government officials, a meeting that lasted two days. In defense of her use of the private jet, Truss had said: “To enable Government ministers to conduct Government business, and that’s what I flew to Australia in.”

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She added: “We have a Government plane precisely so that Government ministers can travel.”

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A foreign office spokesperson also noted: “This trip used Government transport and was fully within rules set out in the Ministerial Code.” Another aspect of Truss’ finances that came to light is that she lives with her husband and two daughters in a detached home in Thetford, Norfolk, purchased in 2010 for £180,000. As of now, the value of the property is unknown, but properties in the area have been sold for an average of £336,506 over the last 12 months. 

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via AP

If the house were to be sold eventually, the family would earn over £100,000 in profit. 

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It’s pointed out Truss has a second property in London, but the location is unknown. And alongside her six-figure salary, Truss has shared rights to Chevening House in her role as foreign secretary. The house boasts 115 rooms and is shared with Dominic Raab. The official website of the home states the garden includes a lake, double hexagonal walled kitchen garden, maze, and parterre.

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However, the Former Foreign Secretary has officially been declared Britain’s next Prime Minister. She’s set to be sworn in by the Queen on Tuesday, September 6th. As a result of the win, Truss will become the UK’s third female Prime Minister, having beat out Sunak in the race to succeed Boris Johnson. 

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