NBA Star CJ McCollum launches first ever sparkling wine 


It boasts aromas of white peach, crushed stone, and freshly baked bread. 

The launch of the new wine is part of McCollum’s 31st birthday celebration. 

It’s available for purchase online for $133. 

The price refers to the “3” on the player’s New Orleans Pelicans jersey. 

McCollum hopes people will enjoy his wine on many occasions, big and small.

“When I got drafted into the NBA, I drank sparkling wine. It has always been special to me,” the NBA Star alleged. 

As per Yahoo, McCollum urged more Black men, women, and minorities to explore the wine industry. 

McCollum Heritage 91's brand isn’t only a reflection of the player’s passion for wine.

But also his desire to create a brand that honors his legacy.