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Vision Pro Launches February 2nd In The U.S.; Pre-Orders Begins Next Week

Vision Pro Launches February 2nd In The U.S.; Pre-Orders Begins Next Week

Apple Vision Pro pre-orders will start on January 19th at 5AM PT.

Apple today announced the Vision Pro release date will be February 2nd and affirmed the price tag of $3,500. However, this date is only for the U.S., as release dates for other countries have not been announced. The headset will be available both in Apple stores and at Pre-orders will specifically start on January 19th at 5 a.m. PT. The company also announced that Vision Pro will be equipped with 256GB of storage, but they didn’t mention that any higher capacities would be available at this time.

The Vision Pro aims to revolutionize the augmented reality (AR) headset market, dominated by Meta Platforms, the parent company of social media giant Facebook.

Vision Pro Launches February 2nd In The U.S.; Pre-Orders Begins Next Week

 Powered by the innovative R1 chip, Apple’s headset possesses unparalleled processing capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly integrate information from its sensors in mere milliseconds. With its sleek design and advanced technology, the headset will deliver an immersive AR experience like no other. Apple’s foray into the AR headset market couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. With a myriad of devices vying for consumer attention, this launch places Apple in direct competition with Meta Platforms, a company with whom it has had a tumultuous relationship in the past.

From clashes over user privacy to disputes surrounding control of developer platforms, these tech titans have been locked in a battle for supremacy. Now, with the Vision Pro, Apple aims to assert its dominance and reshape the AR landscape. One crucial aspect to note is that the headset, however, requires a constant power source and cannot operate independently. To tackle this challenge, Apple has strived to minimize the headset’s weight by incorporating an external battery. This power pack allows the device to run for up to two hours, providing users with an uninterrupted AR experience.

Vision Pro Launches February 2nd In The U.S.; Pre-Orders Begins Next Week

In comparison, Meta’s Quest Pro mixed reality device offers a similar battery life directly on the headset, eliminating the need for an external battery pack. Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the Vision Pro seeks to enhance user interaction with familiar applications. Apple has demonstrated its commitment to integrating popular apps like FaceTime, Photos, and Movies into the AR experience. Furthermore, the device’s compatibility with spatial videos recorded on the iPhone 15 Pro adds another dimension to Apple’s ecosystem.

With access to over 150 3D titles through the Apple TV app, the headset promises to captivate users with its diverse range of immersive content. As we await the release of the Vision Pro, anticipation fills the air. The question remains: will consumers be willing to invest in this groundbreaking technology at such a hefty price point? Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro undoubtedly represents a significant investment. However, Apple’s track record of delivering innovative and high-quality products, coupled with the device’s impressive capabilities, may sway tech enthusiasts to take the plunge.


What is Apple’s Vision Pro AR headset?

It is a cutting-edge device that combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities.

When will the Vision Pro be available for purchase?

It will be available for purchase in the United States starting on February 2nd. Pre-orders will begin on January 19th at 5 a.m. PST.

How much does the Vision Pro AR headset cost?

It is priced at $3,499, making it Apple’s most expensive offering since the launch of the iPhone.

How long can the Vision Pro AR headset run on a single charge?

The Vision Pro AR headset requires a constant power source and must be plugged in at all times. However, Apple has incorporated an external battery that allows the device to run for up to two hours, ensuring uninterrupted usage during that time.

What sets the Vision Pro AR headset apart from its competitors?

The Vision Pro AR headset stands out from its competitors due to its sleek design, advanced technology, and seamless integration with popular apps and spatial videos.

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