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UEFA Warns Teams Against Removing Drinks During Press Conference


UEFA Warns Teams Against Removing Drinks During Press Conference

Whether it’s health or religious reasons?

UEFA is warning teams for Euro 2020 that they will be fined if they remove drinks during future press conferences. The warning comes after players Cristiano Ronaldo, and Paul Pogba had similarly removed the drinks in front of the camera during the press conference, BBC reports.

Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola, followed by the ‘Agua!’ gesture caused a 1.6% dip in their company value.

Muslim footballer from France, Pogba, removed the bottle of Heineken beer in front of him.

Following Ronaldo’s healthier choices actions was Italian player Manuel Locatelli as he opted for mineral water as well.

After Cristiano Ronaldo, several players had followed him in moving the drinks that were place in the press conference by sponsors. The tournament organizers are now warning players from repeating such actions in the future.

“UEFA has reminded participating teams that partnerships are integral to the delivery of the tournament and to ensuring the development of football across Europe, including for youth and women.”

The players are also obliged to follow the regulations and tournament director Martin Kallen said, “We have the regulations signed by the participating federations.” Meanwhile, players who have broken the regulations might be fined.

England captain Harry Kane promises they’re not removing drinks during press conferences.

“We’re mindful of our country’s obesity and health, but everything can be done in moderation. And I think anything you take part in or partake in moderation is rarely a problem,” said the Captain.

“I understand the concerns that people have, and obviously, these two guys had different rationales for the two stances that they took.”

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