Tyler Perry’s Maxine’s Baby Release Date

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry's Maxine's Baby Release Date

Tyler Perry, the multi-talented actor, producer, director, and media mogul, recently sat down with the hosts of “CBS Mornings” to discuss his life and the new documentary, “Maxine’s Baby,” created by his long-time partner, Gelila Bekele. In a departure from his usual creative control, Perry revealed that the documentary was a decade-long project that summarizes his journey, struggles, and triumphs.

The documentary, Maxine’s Baby, is named after Tyler Perry’s late mother, Maxine.


Speaking on the show, Perry candidly shared that every endeavor he pursued was driven by his desire to provide for his mother’s well-being. Even after achieving success, he felt that no amount of money was ever enough. However, when Maxine passed away, Perry experienced a loss of motivation that took time to regain.

Comparing his motivation to a car that suddenly required a different type of fuel, Perry emphasized that his inspiration now stems from witnessing the influx of young, talented individuals, particularly from diverse backgrounds, who are given opportunities in the entertainment industry. This motivation led him to establish Tyler Perry Studios, a monumental film production complex spanning 330 acres in Atlanta.


As the first black person to independently own a major film studio, Perry has been an instrumental figure in promoting inclusivity in Hollywood. Beyond his creative endeavors, Perry has also taken a stance on the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike. As a studio owner and former actor, he understands the challenges faced by both sides. In solidarity with the unions, Perry temporarily closed his studios and has since organized food drives and fundraisers.

However, he admitted that the prolonged hiatus from work has been debilitating. While acknowledging the efforts of SAG-AFTRA representatives in negotiating a three-year deal, Perry stressed the importance of understanding the victories achieved thus far. Looking ahead, he emphasized the need to evaluate progress and strategize for future negotiations. Drawing from his own experience in business, Perry stressed focusing on incremental gains rather than trying to achieve everything at once.

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Who directed the documentary “Maxine’s Baby”?

Gelila Bekele, Tyler Perry’s long-time partner, directed the documentary.

What inspired Tyler Perry to establish Tyler Perry Studios?

Perry’s late mother, Maxine, served as his inspiration to create a legacy and provide opportunities for others in the entertainment industry.

How has Tyler Perry supported the SAG-AFTRA strike?

Perry closed his studios in solidarity with the unions and organized food drives and fundraisers to support the affected individuals.

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