Best Friends With Different Body Shapes Try On Same Outfits From A Budget Brand

Two Best Friends With Different Body Shapes Wear Same Outfits From A Budget Brand

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A pair of best friends with distinctively different body figures have set out to test if a budget brand can cater to the wide variety of figures that exist. Jasmine Hand, 25, is size 8 while Riley Hemson, 23, wears between size 16-18.

The Australian based YouTubers uploaded their video while trying out various Boohoo’s outfits from bike shorts to accessories and black bodysuits. Green Lemon can definitely agree that they both look awesome in similar outfits.

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Jasmine wore a lacy satin top, which has an underwire. They both wear the same acid wash jeans from Boohoo.

Riley looks similar but has a different texture, although it still looks shiny. Its fabric is similar to a swimsuit, and there is no support under the bust. Riley’s top has no adjustable straps and costs $21.5, while Jasmine’s top cost $33.

Next, the duo rocks a white bodysuit and pair them with a golden choker chain. The highlight would be the golden square earrings!

They paired their bag accessories with small handbags that have the exact print as Louis Vuitton’s Baby Alma in both outfits.

Their next outfit is white bodysuits that are not satin. Riley’s styling led to them wearing black shorts.

Riley added that hers is in plus size and is thicker than Jasmine. Jasmine’s shorts cost about $8. They decided to go casual with this one with white sneakers and golden belt chains.

Then they got a pair of similar acid wash over-sized tees. Riley got a size 16 while Jasmine got a size 10.

They rocked the same bike pants and decided to show how you can make your over-sized tees smaller tight to accentuate your waist. They still wear the same white sneakers. Very comfy and casual looks!

Next is the basic black top in 16 and 8. They didn’t wear the same colored skirts, but both are the same style.

They make their look more casual by still wearing the sneakers and rocks multi-layered necklace.

Overall, the girls were satisfied with the clothes they bought from Boohoo’s!

Checkout the full footage of the Funtime the two girls had while trying out the clothes!