Totally Killer Streaming: Where To Watch?

Totally Killer

Totally Killer Streaming: Where To Watch?

Prepare to be thrilled and entertained by the upcoming release from horror studio Blumhouse, “Totally Killer.” This unique film combines spine-tingling scares with the intrigue of time travel. We’ve gathered all the essential details you need to know about this exciting movie, including its release date, trailer, cast, plot, and more. Time travel has always been a captivating element in cinema, and the sub-genre of time-travel horror has delivered memorable classics like “The Terminator” and “The Butterfly Effect.”

More recently, films like “Synchronic” have continued to explore this intriguing concept. However, “Totally Killer” takes a different route as it falls into the category of time-travel horror-comedy, a sub-sub-genre that has given us gems like “Army of Darkness,” “Happy Death Day,” and “The Final Girls.” If you’re curious about this thrilling blend of horror and humor, read on for all the juicy details.

What is the Movie Totally Killer About?

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Totally Killer” takes us on a thrilling journey filled with suspense and humor. In 1987, Pam narrowly escapes the clutches of the Sweet Sixteen Killer, who brutally murdered her three friends. Fast forward to the present day, and an adult Pam desperately warns her daughter, Jamie, not to go out on Halloween night. Unfortunately, Jamie dismisses her mother’s warnings, and the Killer returns, claiming Pam’s life and chasing Jamie. Their deadly confrontation takes them to an arcade, where, through some mysterious twist of fate, Jamie is transported back in time to the very year when her mother faced the original terror.

Back in 1987, Jamie struggles to convince the police of the imminent danger, but they remain skeptical of her claims. Now, Jamie is on a race against time, determined to save her mother and her friends from their grim fate. If she fails to find a way back to her own time, she’ll be forever trapped in the past. To make matters even more complex, Jamie uncovers a shocking revelation about her mother’s past – a revelation that strangely brings them closer together as they navigate this life-threatening ordeal.

Release Date and Where To Watch

Get ready for the time-travel horror-comedy “Totally Killer” because it’s arriving on Prime Video on Friday, October 6, 2023.

Cast and Characters

The cast of “Totally Killer” features a talented lineup of actors:

Kiernan Shipka takes on the role of Jamie, well-suited for her connection to horror films.

Julie Bowen plays the mother Pam.

Olivia Holt portrays the teenage version of Pam.

Randall Park brings his talent to the screen.

Lochlyn Munro appears as adult Blake.

Charlie Gillespie plays the teenage version of Blake.

Liana Liberato takes on the role of Tiffany Clark.

Kelcey Mawema as Amelia.

Stephi Chin-Salvo as Marisa Song.

Anna Diaz as Heather Hernandez.

Jeremy Monn-Djasgnar as teenage Randy Finkle.

Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson as teenage Lauren.

Ella Choi as teenage Kara Molnar.

Nathaniel Appiah as teenage Doug Summers.

Jonathan Potts as adult Chris Dubusage.

Totally Killer — The Director’s ’s Take

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“Totally Killer” is directed by Nahnatchka Khan, a seasoned director known for her work on shows like “American Dad!,” “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” “Fresh Off The Boat,” and “Young Rock.” Nahnatchka Khan shared her thoughts on the project, stating, “I’ve always been a fan of genre mash-ups and love the crossover of horror and comedy. Adding in time travel, the 80s, and the meta-ness of someone from 2023 traveling back… There were so many fun dynamics to play with.”

She also praised the cast, saying, “The entire cast was fantastic, they all knew exactly the tone we were going for and when to dial it up and down.” Nahnatchka Khan humorously mentioned the challenges of shooting a waterbed kill sequence without ruining the white bedroom carpet of the homeowners where the scene was filmed.

Totally Killer Trailer

The “Totally Killer” trailer hints at the high stakes of Jamie’s time-traveling mission, with the possibility of her being trapped in the past if she fails. While it’s early to speculate about a sequel, the concept and potential for more adventures in this genre mash-up certainly make it an intriguing idea for the future. Whether a sequel happens will likely depend on the reception and success of the first installment.


“Totally Killer” promises to be a thrilling and entertaining addition to the world of time-travel horror-comedy. With a talented cast, creative direction, and a unique plot involving time travel and a relentless killer, this film is set to captivate audiences. Mark your calendars for its release on Prime Video and get ready for a suspenseful journey through time and terror.


Is “Totally Killer” available on Netflix?

No, “Totally Killer” is not available on Netflix. You can watch it on Prime Video starting on Friday, October 6, 2023.

Who are the main cast members of “Totally Killer”?

The main cast includes Kiernan Shipka, Julie Bowen, Olivia Holt, Randall Park, Lochlyn Munro, Charlie Gillespie, Liana Liberato, Kelcey Mawema, Stephi Chin-Salvo, Anna Diaz, Jeremy Monn-Djasgnar, Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Ella Choi, Nathaniel Appiah, and Jonathan Potts.

Who directed “Totally Killer”?

“Totally Killer” is directed by Nahnatchka Khan, known for her work on shows like “American Dad!,” “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” “Fresh Off The Boat,” and “Young Rock.”

When will “Totally Killer” be released?

“Totally Killer” will be available for streaming on Prime Video on Friday, October 6, 2023.

Is “Totally Killer” a time-travel horror-comedy?

Yes, “Totally Killer” falls into the genre of time-travel horror-comedy, offering a unique blend of suspense and humor.

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