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This Dad’s Hilariously Honest Review About His Daughter’s Restaurant Went Viral


This Dad’s Hilariously Honest Review About His Daughter’s Restaurant Went Viral

Isn’t this too adorable?

Want to see a grown man blush? Let him tell how he feels about his daughter. Not all father-daughter relationship is perfect, and even relatively strong ones can be complicated. But regardless, some dads still often fail with words as their love for their daughters remain unshaken. One such dad is Chris Kyle! 

Chris Kyle’s adorable daughter, Ava, opened a restaurant at home using her play kitchen.

When the play kitchen set was bought, Chris and his wife had no idea it would make their daughter go viral.

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via Chris Kyle

Not too long ago, Kyle grabbed lunch at a local business without leaving his comfort zone. He visited his daughter Ava’s little restaurant for a sumptuous meal. Indeed, she was delighted with the customer and offered the best table. Not only did Kyle have balloons dangling right next to him, but he could also see his chef preparing his order. 

Kyle is one of her best customers, and after visiting the eatery, he left an honest review.

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via Chris Kyle

It may be his daughter’s restaurant, but his review on Instagram has widened up cheeks.

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via Chris Kyle

More Info: Instagram 

Just when everything was done, Kylie, as anyone would give a review for Ava’s Kitchen on his Instagram, applauded his girl for a lovely meal. People instantly noticed this, and it has since hilariously gone viral.

Here’s the review coupled with a photo. Isn’t this too cute for words?

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This Dad's Hilariously Honest Review About His Daughter's Restaurant Went Viral 21
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via Chris Kyle

The honest review also promoted a strong message about black-owned businesses.

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via Chris Kyle

In an interview with BoredPanda, Kylie disclosed that his daughter Ava is such a silly girl. From the moment she wakes up, she laughs, smile, and play the whole day. The father-daughter spends time together from sun up to sundown because Kyle is a full-time entrepreneur working from home. It allows the dad to be hands-on with his baby girl daily.

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via Chris Kyle

Despite being graced with random balloons, Kyle said there were some issues with delayed service.

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via Chris Kyle
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via Chris Kyle

Initially, Kyle wasn’t all cool with getting Ava the play Kitchen, but his wife remained keen. He explained: “When my wife made the purchase, I was hesitant about spending a few hundred dollars on it. It has been worth every penny. Ava is the star of her little world when she is ready to play.” So far, the dad has been graced with love and words of encouragement surrounding his viral post. 

The post concluded with a note about the importance of supporting businesses owned by African Americans.

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via Chris Kyle
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via Chris Kyle

However, it appears Ava has business in her blood, the same as her dad Kyle, who is an entrepreneur.

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via Chris Kyle

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