These 21 Pics Will Surely Satisfy Your Inner Perfectionist

These 21 Pics Will Surely Satisfy Your Inner Perfectionist

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Nothing like some perfect moments to make our day instantly better. The human brain enjoys it when things are being neatly organized, as how the Mad Titan likes to put it:

“Pretty isn’t it? Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”

We know we have a little bit of Thanos in each of us, so Green Lemon has compiled these perfect pictures of perfect balance of things. Equally divided, may you feel your inner desire fulfilled and have a nice day!

1. Rainbow perfect divided by the railings’ shadow.

© /idlewildmtn / Reddit

2. This tree has the perfect gradient of fall.

© OrangePoppy24 / Reddit

3. How does one scoop a perfect bowl of rice?

© smd345m / Twitter

4. Snow falls perfectly in the pattern of the brickwork.

© pikkiwokki / Reddit

5. These bubbles.

© SandraDe / Pikabu

6. How a perfect city next to the river looks like!

© arthik / Pikabu

7. This garden in Schönbrunn

© theaccessibleworld / Instagram

8. His sleeve sits just at the right spot.

© Unknown author / Reddit

9. How the shadow is equally divided by the bridge’s shadow.

© Areskoi / Reddit

10. The new meat cutter loves it when things are neat.

© MorganOnAcid / Reddit

11. The shadow of this bench.

© StandardUgly / Reddit

12. Perfectly balanced and aligned freshmints.

© witenry / Instagram

13. I-80 bridge in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

© Igoro1 / Imgur

14. A perfect hair whirl on a newborn son.

© arkayuu / Reddit

15. Geometrically stacked dice as a tower.

© Buffyfanatic / Imgur

16. A perfectly grown ice crystal.

© Unknown author /Imgur

17. This is how you blend in with your surrounding.

© Joeri Bosma / Facebook

18. Someone at the Dollar Store did this.

© NotThatGirl217 / Reddit

19. Perfect depiction of how fall happens on this plant.

© tormySMommi / Reddit

20. Window blinds cast exactly the same degrees of lines under the handrail.

© Unknown author / Reddit

21. This huge pond dries up during summer and fills back in again during raining season.

© bradyboh / Reddit