The Holdovers: Release Date And When To Stream Online

The Holdovers

The Holdovers: Release Date And When To Stream Online

In the world of cinema, there are certain movies that have the power to leave a lasting impact on hearts and minds. One such film is The Holdovers, an upcoming dramedy directed by Alexander Payne and starring the brilliant Paul Giamatti. In this article, we’ve covered all that you need to know. Have a look.

The Release Date

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Fans of Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti won’t have to wait long to experience the magic of The Holdovers. The film is set to hit theaters on October 27, 2023, with a limited release in select markets like New York City and Los Angeles. The nationwide expansion is scheduled for November 10, 2023.

The Cast Led by Paul Giamatti

At the center of The Holdovers is the incredible Paul Giamatti, who portrays Paul Hunham, a history professor at a prestigious New England prep school. Giamatti’s nuanced performances have earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. His ability to bring complex characters to life with authenticity and depth makes him the perfect choice to portray the curmudgeonly yet intriguing Paul Hunham.

Joining Giamatti in this remarkable cast is Dominic Sessa, making his feature film debut as Angus Tully, a troubled student who forms an unlikely bond with Paul Hunham. Sessa’s raw talent and ability to convey emotions beyond his years make him a promising young actor to watch. Rounding out the cast is the immensely talented Da’Vine Joy Randolph, who portrays Mary Lamb, the head cook at the prep school.

Where To Stream The Holdovers?

There are no authorized streaming services for the Holdovers yet. Stay up-to-date with the streaming options when they become available.

The Trailer

The recently released trailer for The Holdovers offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of the film. In the first half, we are introduced to Paul Hunham, a strict teacher tasked with supervising students who have nowhere to go during the holidays. The trailer sets an upbeat tone reminiscent of ’80s coming-of-age films, highlighting the witty banter between Paul and Angus. As the trailer progresses, it reveals the deeper emotional layers of the story. We learn about Angus’ troubled past and the bond that begins to form between him and Paul.

The Story: A Tale of Connection and Transformation

Set against the backdrop of a prestigious New England prep school during the holiday season of 1970, The Holdovers tells the story of Paul Hunham, a history professor tasked with supervising a group of students who couldn’t go home for the holidays. The film explores the themes of loneliness, friendship, and personal growth as these individuals forge an unlikely bond. Paul Hunham, a universally disliked teacher, finds himself spending the holidays with Angus Tully, a troublemaking 17-year-old student, and Mary Lamb, the school’s head cook, who has recently lost her son in Vietnam. As their paths intertwine, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, finding solace and understanding in each other’s company. Together, they navigate the challenges of the holiday season, forming a connection that will change their lives forever.

Director Alexander Payne and Writer David Hemingson

The Holdovers is a testament to the creative collaboration between director Alexander Payne and writer David Hemingson. While Payne is known for writing most of his own films, he entrusted Hemingson with the task of penning this particular story. The idea for the film came to Payne after watching a 1930s French film, inspiring him to explore the boarding school world in a fresh and meaningful way. Hemingson, known for his work on shows like Kitchen Confidential and Whiskey Cavalier, brought his unique perspective to the script.

The Holdovers: A Potential Oscar Contender

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With its talented cast, captivating story, and the creative genius of Alexander Payne behind it, The Holdovers has all the ingredients to become an Oscar contender. Payne, a two-time Academy Award winner for Best Adapted Screenplay, has a proven track record of creating thought-provoking and emotionally resonant films. Paul Giamatti’s powerful portrayal of a complex character has garnered critical acclaim in the past, and his performance in The Holdovers is expected to be no different.

Alexander Payne movies

Here is the full list of his feature-directing credits:

  • The Passion of Martin (1991)
  • Citizen Ruth (1996)
  • Election (1999)
  • About Schmidt (2002)
  • Sideways (2004)
  • Paris, je t’aime (2006)
  • The Descendants (2011)
  • Nebraska (2013)
  • Downsizing (2017)


The Holdovers is a film that promises to resonate with audiences on a deep and emotional level. With its stellar cast, story, and the creative vision of Alexander Payne, it is poised to become one of the standout films of the year. As the release date draws near, anticipation builds for the heartwarming tale of connection and growth that The Holdovers will undoubtedly deliver.


When will “The Holdovers” be released in theaters?

“The Holdovers” is set to have a limited release in select markets like New York City and Los Angeles on October 27, 2023. It will then expand nationwide on November 10, 2023.

Who stars in “The Holdovers,” and what are their roles?

“The Holdovers” features Paul Giamatti as Paul Hunham, a history professor, and Dominic Sessa in his feature film debut as Angus Tully, a troubled student. Da’Vine Joy Randolph portrays Mary Lamb, the head cook at the prep school.

Can you describe the story of “The Holdovers”?

“The Holdovers” is set in a New England prep school during the holiday season of 1970. It follows the journey of Paul Hunham, a disliked teacher; Angus Tully, a troubled student; and Mary Lamb, the school’s head cook, who has lost her son in Vietnam. As they spend the holidays together, they form an unlikely bond, navigating loneliness and personal growth.

Who directed “The Holdovers” and what inspired the film?

“The Holdovers” is directed by Alexander Payne. The film was inspired by Payne’s interest in the boarding school world, sparked by watching a 1930s French film. While Payne is known for writing most of his own films, he entrusted writer David Hemingson with crafting this particular story.

Why is “The Holdovers” considered a potential Oscar contender?

“The Holdovers” boasts a talented cast, a captivating and emotionally resonant story, and the creative vision of Alexander Payne, a two-time Academy Award winner. Paul Giamatti’s performance is expected to be a standout, making the film a potential award-season favorite.

Where will “The Holdovers” be available for viewing?

“The Holdovers” will be available for viewing in theaters during its limited release and subsequent nationwide expansion. Additionally, it may become available on streaming platforms or for purchase after its theatrical run, but specific details may vary.

Are there any other notable works by director Alexander Payne?

Yes, Alexander Payne has directed several acclaimed films, including “Sideways,” “Nebraska,” “The Descendants,” and “Election.” His films often explore complex human relationships and themes with a mix of humor and drama.

What is the significance of the film’s 1970 setting?

The film’s setting in 1970 provides a historical backdrop that may influence the characters’ experiences and interactions. It can also contribute to the film’s nostalgic and period-specific atmosphere, enhancing the storytelling.

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