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The Fifth Edition of the Avengers Movies Series is Finally Slated for Production


The Fifth Edition of the Avengers Movies Series is Finally Slated for Production

This is coming with mostly new actors.

The Marvel studio’s most viewed and loved movie series by many has taken a new turn towards calming the nerves of fans and viewers as several emotional messages and well wishes have been rolling in. The end of the avengers age of Ultron stirred up some emotional reactions that got a lot of people thinking that is was the peak of the avengers emotional scene.

However, the ending of the avengers infinity war was a whole different spark of emotion as a lot of people got amazed with how Thanos could have won the avengers while some others even resulted to wetting their hankies with a tear.

These antecedents of the avengers’ movie series led to the very high expectation a lot of people had while awaiting the release of the avengers end game. This is because it is desired by most marvel fans to know what happened to Thanos and whether the avengers can successfully bring back their friends and loved ones.

Finally, the release of the avengers end game was greeted with millions of fans at various cinemas to see what they have long waited for. Unfortunately for many and has some have rightly predicted, not all our favorite avengers made it through to the end.

For instance, Tony Stark had to sacrifice himself by using the five infinity stones while Captain America had to resign by allowing the time machine to turn him old. This left a lot of us thinking if the avengers series was going to have a continuation or not.

Good news is that the president of the marvel studio, Kevin Feige has announced that finally there is no need for too many emotions any longer about the fate of the Avengers series. Feige noted that the fifth edition of the avengers movie series is already in its preparatory process, nonetheless, some of our favorite avengers may not be coming back.

This is what the avengers endgame was all about, as we now prepare to meet some familiar faces and some entirely new faces introduced to the avengers movie series. Some of the famous superheroes in some other movies may be featuring in the fifth edition of the avengers movie while the very familiar avenger faces may not be appearing in the next edition of the movie.

Additionally, the waiting period for the fifth edition of the avengers movie has been tagged unknown. This is because Feige noted that though there will be the fifth edition but not anytime soon. So we have got to just keep the hopes alive with our fingers crossed while we wait.

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