The Beatles’ Final Song Projections Across Liverpool

The Beatles

The Beatles' Final Song Projections Across Liverpool

The Beatles continue to win hearts with their timeless music and legendary status. Now, they are adding to the buzz by teasing a “final song” through a film featuring projections on famous Beatles landmarks in Liverpool. The story behind this project begins with Sir Paul McCartney’s revelation about using artificial intelligence (AI) to complete a song featuring John Lennon’s voice. The song in question is likely to be “Now and Then,” a 1978 Lennon composition that had been considered for a Beatles reunion in 1995, but technical challenges and a lack of interest hindered its completion at the time.

Thanks to AI technology, McCartney was able to extract Lennon’s voice from an old demo and blend it seamlessly with other instruments, creating what he calls “the Beatles’ final record”.


The decision to finish this song was influenced by the 2021 Beatles documentary, “Get Back,” directed by Peter Jackson. The documentary showcased the band’s creative process, and it used AI to separate Lennon’s voice from a cassette recording, inspiring McCartney to explore the possibilities of AI in music production. This upcoming release will mark the first “new” Beatles project since the Anthology albums. The use of AI in music production has sparked both excitement and concern. McCartney acknowledges the potential it holds for unlocking new creative avenues, but he also recognizes the questions it raises about the future of music.


While some may view AI as a tool that compromises the authenticity of artistic expression, others see it as a powerful tool that can breathe new life into incomplete projects and preserve the legacy of iconic artists like The Beatles. As the film showcasing projections onto famous Beatles landmarks in Liverpool emerges, fans can’t help but wonder if it is a clever tease for this “final song”. The Beatles’ ability to engage their audience even after all these years is a testament to their enduring influence and artistic vision. Whether this film directly relates to the upcoming release or serves as an intriguing side project, it continues to fuel the buzz surrounding the Beatles’ legacy.


What is the “final song” that The Beatles are teasing?

The “final song” that The Beatles are teasing is a composition called “Now And Then,” originally written by John Lennon in 1978.

What inspired the Beatles to finish this song?

The decision to finish the song was inspired by the 2021 Beatles documentary “Get Back,” which used AI to separate Lennon’s voice from a cassette recording.

Is this the first “new” Beatles project since the Anthology albums?

Yes, the upcoming release of this finished song will be the first “new” Beatles project since the Anthology albums.

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