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Teacher Shows Kids How To Wipe Their Butts Correctly And People Are Liking It


Teacher Shows Kids How To Wipe Their Butts Correctly And People Are Liking It

Garnered over 165,000 likes and was retweeted 48,300 times!

There are some unique topics are very significant, but most of us are most of the time embarrassed to educate people on them, even when our well-being and happiness largely depend on it.

Well, there’s an important thing that stays with you from your childhood to adulthood, only if you were taught well – Knowing how to correctly wipe your butt.

Just recently, a teacher made an online impression after using balloons to educate her pre-school students on how to wipe their butts.

The shared video saw where a teacher used balloons to show her pupils how to wipe went really viral

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The innovate unidentified teacher explained to her kids how to clean both front-to-back, fold the paper before wiping again. The balloons were a perfect means of illustrating how to wipe butts in practical terms.

Shared on Twitter, the footage garnered over 165,000 likes and was retweeted 48,300 times.  While a majority of the American Twitter users claimed the tutorial would be invaluable in US schools,  some individuals felt such lessons – wiping of one’s buttock should be left for parents to teach.

Watch The Full Clip Here:


Nevertheless, cleaning of one’s butt with toilet paper is far from the cleanest thing one can do, BBC Future and scientist revealed. In the Western World, the belief in using toilet paper rather than clean water is an indication of the influence the United Kingdom and the United States have.

Also revealing that the vast majority of the world uses water to clean up themselves after evacuating their bowels, Christine Ro on BBC Future added: ‘The penchant in several Western Countries for wiping after using the toilet instead of rinsing it off is a source of puzzlement across the world.

People’s opinions were divided on the subject matter

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