Take A Peek Inside 'World's Best Airline' With Showers And Privacy Pods

Take A Peek Inside ‘World’s Best Airline’ With Showers And Privacy Pods

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Travelers can almost recognize how services can differ between airlines and which one is more comfortable for long flights and which one is cheaper for short flights. Among some of the most luxurious airlines is Emirates Airlines.

Have you heard that Emirates recently was nominated as the best airline int he world according to Condé Nast? Check here out as to why it’s called so.

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The airline is dubbed one of the best, even my 60-year-old mom could attest to that, having traveled on various kinds from Singapore Airlines, Qantas to Emirates. The last was the most memorable due to how comfortable the flight was, even for economy class passengers!

But of course, everyone wants to see what it’s like in the most luxurious class, which is the first class.

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First off, you get your own room in this part. No joke – each of these rooms has a TV, table, with a lamp, a small drawer, and even a BED. your chair can be converted into a bed for that nice, horizontal, flat sleeping position.

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You get the best kind of privacy in this pod with the door closed. And in the morning, the flight crews will serve you the best kind of breakfast. When do you need to sleep? They’ll help set up the room and bed for you. You basically won’t feel like you’re restricted on this flight.

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Check out how the staff sets up the bed for their passengers in this video.


And they have BATHROOMS. We’re not talking about small lavatories where you only do the most important things.

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They have a shower stall and it’s actually tall enough for most people to use. You still need to reserve a time slot to use it. But they’ve got everything you need after a nice shower. You get soap, shampoo, moisturizers – anything anyone needs to use after a refreshing shower.

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Both first and business class passengers can gain access to the Emirates bar and lounge. They have snacks, seating, and drinks.

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You also get a tablecloth presentation here and multiple course meals. Add to that, the nice range of alcohol to select from.

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Not even most hotels serve you THIS.


Legroom, check. Bed, check. Shower, check. Talking about making your flight as comfortable as possible!

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The business class is similar to most business class of other airlines. But imagine the luxurious things that these passengers still get.

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Like summoning a double bed.

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It’s got that nice legroom and you can still enjoy a great time with champagne or visiting the bar.

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The meal is still amazing with a tablecloth presentation. It doesn’t look as grandeur as first-class does. But this honestly looks 100x better than most in-flight meals we’ve had that were simply heat up in microwaves and presented in the box.

And you still get a huge tray table to fit all that!

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Need a drink? Just grab one within your reach.

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And now, the economy class. It’s not as wide, but it is honestly, the nicest economy class ever.

The legroom is considerably better than most with necessities like blankets, pillows and even nice headphones provided. Entertainment such as a TV and a game controller is also provided.

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What about the food? It’s still DELISH.

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Compared to other economy classes, the size of the meal you get here is amazing. You don’t get a tablecloth presentation, but that doesn’t affect the quality of the food. The tray isn’t as big, but definitely enough to hold all the food.

And that’s it! One can definitely confirm that a ride with Emirates is always an unforgettable one.

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