Swede Stuns Americans By Revealing How Surprising Life Really Is In Sweden

Swede Stuns Americans By Revealing How Surprising Life Really Is In Sweden

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Sweden is an incredible place to live with its beautiful people, a corporate culture that motivates people to have a good work-life balance, and excellent public services. It’s not startling that many people decide to move to the country to enjoy all of the things it has to offer. According to the 2020 World Happiness Report, Sweden has been recognized as the 7th happiest place on Planet Earth.

But apart from being committed to inequality reduction, ever thought of Sweden’s living and working conditions? A Swedish has recently gone viral on different social media pages after highlighting their healthcare, taxes, and even other crucial parts. The post, originally shared on Facebook, has paved its way into several feeds, and foreigners appear to be mind-blown.  

‘I work 40 hours a week. I make $3000 a month. I paid $752 a month in taxes (25%) and left to spend each month – $2278. Because I pay taxes, I won’t go bankrupt if I would end up in a hospital. I wouldn’t be disqualified for any surgery because we all have the same right to healthcare.’ The anonymous Swedish explained.  

The Swede did give a broad breakdown of how he/she spends the monthly income, adding that a whole community and oneself included can and will prosper from paying taxes, which involves looking out for everyone’s interest. ‘That’s what Trump and the 1% of the rich aren’t understanding about economics and the benefits of paying taxes (not minimizing them) and universal healthcare. Please correct me if I am wrong.’ The Swedish concluded.

Fredrik Rubensson

Nevertheless, by International comparison, Sweden is a flourishing country that evenly distributes wealth among its citizen. The country’s social, political framework entails three fundamental pillars: economic policy, a universal welfare policy, and the labor market. The economic policy promotes stability and openness, while the labor market facilitates adjustment to change. 

Having read through the breakdown, you can’t tell you didn’t get jealous. Right or wrong?