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Soul Train Awards 2023: T-Pain Takes Home ‘Legend Award’


Soul Train Awards 2023: T-Pain Takes Home ‘Legend Award’

SZA came out top at Soul Train Awards 2023, taking home four big wins.

T-Pain just proved that age is just a number as he accepted the Legend Award at the 2023 Soul Train Awards. The award, presented to him by his close friend and personal “life coach” David Banner, solidified his status as a true icon in the music industry. In a heartfelt speech, the musician shared the impact David Banner had on his life, revealing that their conversation had completely shifted the trajectory of his career. However, he couldn’t help but joke about receiving the Legend Award at such a relatively young age.

At the Soul Train Awards 2023, T-Pain admitted to having more hits up his sleeve and hinted at the possibility of future collaborations.

Soul Train Awards 2023: T-Pain Takes Home 'Legend Award'

Gratitude further poured from T-Pain as he took a moment to express his appreciation for his wife, Amber Najm. He acknowledged her support throughout his journey, even during the toughest times. But it wasn’t just about T-Pain’s personal journey. The artist had an important message for aspiring musicians who dream of following in his footsteps. He urged them not to chase fame for the sake of validation, but to embrace their own unique identities unapologetically.

Soul Train Awards 2023: T-Pain Takes Home 'Legend Award'

The musician encouraged artists to be true to themselves and not let the opinions of others dictate their path to success. Nonetheless, as the Soul Train Awards came to a close, T-Pain took the stage once again to remind everyone of his incredible musical prowess. In a medley of his greatest hits, he transported the audience through time, showcasing the timeless appeal of his music. From “Got Money” to “All I Do Is Win,” T-Pain’s performance was a testament to his legacy in the industry. Watch his performance HERE.


How old is T-Pain?

T-Pain is currently 39 years old.

Who presented T-Pain with the Legend Award at the 2023 Soul Train Awards?

T-Pain’s close friend and personal “life coach” David Banner presented him with the Legend Award.

What advice did T-Pain give to aspiring musicians?

T-Pain advised aspiring musicians to embrace their unique identities and not base their success on the opinions of others.

What songs did T-Pain perform at the Soul Train Awards 2023?

T-Pain performed a medley of his greatest hits, including “Got Money,” “Bartender,” “Good Life,” “I’m Sprung,” “Can’t Believe It,” “Chopped N Skrewed,” “Blame It,” “The Boss,” and “All I Do Is Win.”

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