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Scientists Say It Will Soon Be Possible To Live To Be 200


Scientists Say It Will Soon Be Possible To Live To Be 200

You need those stress to fight aging.

People have long sought a method to maintain their youth. Others look for sources of magical ingredients that could revert their biological clock. But anyone knows that anti-aging is often a marketing ploy and anything more than that is bogus.

But Danish biologist Nicklas Brendborg has always found this topic fascinating. The expert wrote a book on the subject that began with his observation of Turritopsis, a bizarre jellyfish species that actually ages backward.

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Most animals have their own defense mechanism to survive the harsh environment of nature. Turritopsis is so different from others – it reduces itself to return to its early polyp stage. Virtually, it ages backward when the water temperature changes or hunger strikes.

The topic of aging is more than just about wrinkles and white hair. The book continues to remind us that part of the cause of cancer is aging, a process that we have yet to understand fully. On the other hand, experts observed 1000 naked mole rats, and only six of them developed tumors.

But Brendborg’s advice after all these insights might shock some people: stop taking antioxidant pills.

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He explained, “It looks like antioxidant supplements will promote the growth and spread of certain cancers rather than limiting them … excessive antioxidants actually interfere with the process of getting stronger and healthier from exercise.”

He attributed the free radicals that, despite being “damaging,” might trigger the defense system. Or better: exercising. When you exercise, your body tears muscles, stresses are applied to your body, and your body goes into intense recovery mode when you rest. Antioxidants are produced, and nutrients are spent to repair the body.

This explains why kales and cabbages are good for us because they produce a toxic substance that children hate, but enough to trigger our defense mechanisms. It’s necessary, Brendborg says, quoting when trees that were grown inside a sealed greenhouse died within two years due to the lack of stress. To be precise, the lack of wind causes the trees to grow weak and topple under their own weight.

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It’s about that “sweet spot” where you workout enough but not to the point of exhaustion and get enough sunshine, but not to the point of burning yourself.

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Future bio-engineering technology might just allow humans to live to 200 and maybe beyond. But before we reach that point, perhaps it’s better, instead of avoiding all kinds of stress and living like “snowflakes,” giving yourself enough stress might be the natural secret to long life.

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