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Samsung Galaxy S11 Is Getting More Likely To Be Released With 64MP Sensor


Samsung Galaxy S11 Is Getting More Likely To Be Released With 64MP Sensor

Samsung Note 10 is releasing next month and as for Samsung Galaxy S11, we’re getting a stronger confirmation that it’s going to be released with the all-new 64MP sensor. Hole-punch display is not the best design of phones these days mainly because of that small notch, but Samsung Galaxy S10 played with it and managed to walk back up from the slum of S9.

Plus, it’s compatible for 5G, so you get to enjoy the fastest internet connection to date, albeit at the risk of contributing to interfering weather forecast accuracy.

samsung s10 5g

Just recently, Ice Universe, an insider that commonly tweets leaks on the newest smartphone updates revealed that Samsung has canceled its all-new screen design. Radical innovators think this is a misstep; Samsung is making the same mistake. Or are they? Questions swirl especially regarding its durability and front camera.

samsung s11 canceled all screen

Anyway, Ice Universe continued to reveal that Samsung Note 10 will be the last of the brand’s smartphone to use the same camera sensor. Samsung Galaxy S11 will definitely feature something different and better. Most phones have been operating with 48MP so far and only a little has dared to add the new feature onto their latest flagship product.

After the 12MP sensor with various post-processing improvements, Samsung is finally ready to take the huge leap of improvement. That said, Samsung might not end to be the first to use it since no official words have been released and none will be anytime soon.

What’s next? Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was previously revealed by accident by the FCC to lack a headphone jack, a controversial decision that made many mad at Apple 4 years ago. That said, the Galaxy Note series has always been loved for its balanced new features and S-pen. The insider has marked S11 as the dawn of a new era for Samsung, despite its cancellation to implement the all-screen look. Loyal buyers have also complained that the new Note 10 isn’t exactly new – ‘it looks exactly the same’.

Samsung has been considerably careful in putting forward new innovations with their smartphones. Note 10 has experienced considerable changes from design-wise to spec-wise. Yes, it has been stuck with the same camera sensor for the past 4 years. But it has also been confirmed with a 45w charging head and its proud highly responsive S-pen.

But we wonder if Samsung will be able to keep up with rumors that 108MP camera visible over the horizon at the dusk of 2020.

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