Pregnant Halloween Costumes Of 2023

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Pregnant Halloween Costumes Of 2023

If you love Halloween, you’ll know that dressing up is the best part. If you’re pregnant this October, that’s great news! You not only get to add your baby bump to your family’s costumes but also use it as a cool accessory. There are clever pregnant Halloween costume ideas for expecting moms to show off their growing bellies. They’re easy for women and great for last-minute choices; therefore, there’s no stress. What’s even cooler? These pregnant Halloween costumes are fun. You can be an avocado with your bump as the pit or wear a T-shirt that makes your belly look like a pumpkin.

There’s even a Winnie the Pooh costume for your cute round tummy. You can even go all-out glam or keep it comfy and easy, like a T-shirt, considering you’re pregnant and comfort is key. No matter your style, we’ve got you covered with pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2023. You can go the DIY route or buy costumes from a store, especially if you’re looking for a last-minute option or simply want something hassle-free. Have a look at our compilation, and soon you’ll be exploring baby Halloween costumes and family outfits, creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

“Monster in My Belly” Pregnant Halloween Costume


Snowman Pregnant Halloween Costume

DIY Options:

    • Lumberjack: Embrace the outdoorsy vibe by dressing up as a lumberjack. Pair a plaid shirt with suspenders, jeans, and a fake ax for a cute and comfortable costume.
    • Bun in the oven: This classic costume idea never goes out of style. Simply wear a black shirt with a round cutout on the belly and attach a small oven door with a bun inside. It’s a clever way to showcase your pregnancy.
    • Peas in a Pod: Grab a green shirt and attach two large green balloons to represent peas. You and your partner can even dress up as a matching set of peas for a delightful duo costume.

    Pooh Bear Pregnancy Halloween Costume


    Skeleton Pregnancy Halloween Costume


    Store-bought Options:

    • Winnie the Pooh: Dress up as the lovable bear from the Hundred Acre Wood. There are adorable Winnie the Pooh costumes available that are designed to accommodate a growing baby bump. Complete the look with Pooh’s signature red shirt and honey pot.
    • Ursula: Channel your inner sea witch with a captivating Ursula costume. This villainous character from “The Little Mermaid” is a popular choice for expecting mothers. The costume typically features a flowing black dress and tentacles that can be draped over the baby bump.

    Pregnant Skeleton Halloween Costume


    Avocado Pregnancy Halloween Costume


    Movie Character Costumes:

    • Thor: Show off your superhero side by dressing up as Thor, the mighty Avenger. With a red cape, armor, and a fake hammer, you can embody the powerful Norse god. The costume can be modified to accommodate your baby bump, making it a perfect choice for pregnant women.
    • The Babadook: If you’re looking for a more spooky and mysterious costume, consider going with the Babadook. This iconic horror movie character is known for his top hat, long coat, and eerie demeanor. It’s a unique and eye-catching choice for Halloween.

    Star-Wars-Inspired Pregnancy Halloween Costume


    Disco Ball Pregnant Halloween Costume


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