is Yevgeny Prigozhin Putin’s Victim? As Warlord Is Dead, Here’s A List Of Figures Killed Mysteriously After Criticizing The President

High-profile figures, including Yevgeny Prigozhin, have died mysteriously after criticizing the Russian dictator in public.

Ex-Police Chief Demands Probe As Greenpeace Activists Climb Roof Of Rishi Sunak’s £2M Home

Four Greenpeace activists climbed on the roof of Rishi Sunak's home to protest against gas…

Banks Face Probe Over Accounts Shut For Political Reasons After Nigel Farage Row

City minister Andrew Griffith to probe alleged unjustifiable account closures by lenders.

Judge Hears Arguments On Moving Trump’s ‘Hush Money’ Case To Federal Court

Judge Halverstein indicated he wasn’t inclined to agree to make the hush money case federal.

Biden Slams Affirmative Action Ruling & Explains Why Said Justices Are ‘Not Normal’

Biden said the Supreme Court has done more to 'unravel basic rights' as he blasts…

Who Is The Wagner Mercenary Army?

The Wagner Group recently took control of Rostov-on-Don but has now backed down.

Wagner Chief Gives Order To His Mercenary Group To Halt March On Moscow

It’s unclear what the Wagner chief is offered in return for the surprising retreat.

Has Putin Fled? Plane Linked To Russian Leader Allegedly Flew North, Then Switched Off Transponder

Two presidential planes linked to the Russian leader flew out of Moscow towards Tver and…

‘Stay At Home!’ Moscow Mayor Issues Warning As Putin’s Soldiers Build Defences Around The Capital

The Wagner militia forces have taken over key cities and threatened the President, who called…

Gavin Newsom Admits California’s Homeless Crisis Is Out Of Control But Blames Republicans

Gavin Newsom blames Republicans for creating the homeless crisis and calls it a disgrace.