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Photoshop Troll Continues To Strike With Hilarious Edits On Requests


Photoshop Troll Continues To Strike With Hilarious Edits On Requests

His wit and creativity knows no boundary.

What do you wish for with your pictures? For a nice edit that erases the mistakes and blemishes while enhancing your beauty? Well, James Fridman tends to take requests pretty literally and you may end up regretting what you wish for. Because James is also known as the Photoshop troll.

While his edits are always trolling, they end up pretty hilarious for many. His Twitter is now filled with trolling edits with the exact request from owners of pictures and the after, usually packed with hilarious replies.

But that’s not all. We have packed 30 of his best edits, but not without one where James reassure someone that you don’t need to hide your trueself to be unique.

1. Accept it, and so will others.

2. The dog smiled.

3. Well, that’s a realistic edit for one.

4. James had a vision.

5. Nice job, James!

6. That bear got way too realistic.

7. Now he’s on the right fountain!

8. To be fair, they didn’t specify what kind of shirt.

9. She looks like she’s in a cool place alright.

10. Her hands don’t look weird anymore, wow!

11. She doesn’t want a reflection.

12. What do you mean you’re not in a hole in the floor?

13. You asked for it, he delivered.

14. To be fair, dead ducks are easier to take pictures of.

15. Can you straighten his bow tie?

16. Now he looks like he’s dancing salsa on the background.

17. Hang in there.

18. People.

19. He didn’t say which guy in white.

20. Don’t even understand the real request, but James lived up to it.

21. Welp.

22. This is a decent edit and we’re shook.

23. Dancing Pisa.

24. Big enough for everyone to see.

25. Alexei is being a jerk, so there you go.

26. Honestly, a mood.

27. Subject: Patrik and leaves.

28. ‘Make it chair’.

29. I don’t like round face, so any shape works.

30. I’d like to blow my candle, please.

31. I’d like to touch the top of the Eiffel Tower, your style.

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