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People Can’t Get Enough Of Kendall Jenner Failing To Cut Her Cucumbers


People Can’t Get Enough Of Kendall Jenner Failing To Cut Her Cucumbers

Girl, be careful, please.

There’s this one episode in Hulu’s ‘The Kardashians’ that got people hilariously chuckling at supermodel Kendall Jenner. She might have the most perfect figure and makes billions out of it. However, people can’t have everything in life, right?

Like the ability to cut cucumbers the right way?


This moment immediately got everyone’s attention who couldn’t understand the way she cuts it.

I mean, she looked confident about it when she walked over to the fridge, determined to make her own snacks.


Users were quick to point out that no matter how out of touch one is with the middle-class life, cutting a cucumber shouldn’t be that hard of a task. One wrote, “That video of Kendall Jenner cutting a cucumber has me in tears bro.”


Kris Jenner called out to Scott Disick after she heard Kendall didn’t need the chef to make her own snack.


She claimed “It’s pretty easy” before eventually cutting the vegetable in the weirdest direction ever. Her mom reminded her, “Be careful because I nicked myself the other day.”

She then admitted, “I know. I’m kinda scared.”


She hilariously asked after that, “Don’t cucumbers have seeds?”

“I’m definitely not a good cutter so don’t zoom in on me,” she told the camera. But seeing as she didn’t look confident with the knife, Kris called out to the chef. Kendall insisted, “I’ll do it, mom, I’m fine.”

People couldn’t get enough of that scene as they were reminded of the social-economic disparity.


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