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Parents Remove Daughter From Their Will Because She Has No Kids, She Ruined Their Holidays


Parents Remove Daughter From Their Will Because She Has No Kids, She Ruined Their Holidays

Daughter’s revenge on parents who struck her out of their will for not having kids!

Kids are said to be a gift from God. While some folks want to have them so bad, Some just couldn’t care any less. Either way, sometimes wanting or not wanting them could be a sore topic especially in family gatherings that are common around the holidays. feeling pressured to have kids by your loved ones, is certainly awful but once you hear this lady’s story, you might stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Redditor Doesnotcontributes shared the story of how her entire family got entangled in a hot-massive argument days before Christmas. The reason being; her parents wrote her out of their will because she was the only one of her three other siblings not having kids.

in response, the infuriated woman demanded that her family members leave her house. Later, she let them know very clearly that she wouldn’t be hosting Christmas at her house this time. The Redditor then turned to the ‘Am I the Assh*le’ subreddit for their advice whether she was justified in doing what she did.

However, moments later, Doesnotcontributes’ post was removed from the subreddit wall because it breached the community’s rule on not posting revenge stories. However, the story can still be found hiding, lurking, deep in the dark corners of twitter.

The vast majority of Redditors, however, did not agree with the parents. move. They did not think that Doesnotcontributes was in the wrong and faulted her family for believing that the only way to ‘contribute’ is by having kids.

However, some internet users thought that she could have not been caught in the emotions and rather responded more calmly. While others thought that the entire family was to blame.

Meanwhile, Yesenia Almonte writes that telling your family members that you don’t want to have kids is especially difficult in some communities. For example, if you’re Hispanic, there are certain traditional expectations that you will create a family.

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