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Panthers Are Just XXXL Sized Black Cats And These 16 Comparison Pics Prove It


Panthers Are Just XXXL Sized Black Cats And These 16 Comparison Pics Prove It

Do you have a house panther?

A lot of stories are shared online about individuals living with exotic animals, after a rescue and recovery period that left the animal unable to return to the wild.

With these heart-touching stories appearing inspirational and encouraging one to remember wild animals, regardless of how tame they are, present greater behavioral problems than animals bred to be domestic.

While the people caring for them are most likely not showing the struggles that go on behind-the-scenes, you, don’t, however, have to look far realizing a simple domestic cat from a local shelter would do the magic.

Green Lemon has compiled some photos showing how much black cats have in common with their unsociable relatives in the wild.

Black Cats Have Fearsome Fangs!


They Are Great Athletes!


…….In Several Ways Than One


But Appear Fierce When On The Prowl


And When On The Move

Giri Cavale

Or Just When Hanging Out


Beware Of Very Sharp Objects

Project Survival’s Cat Haven

And Equally Have Soft Side

Dheeraj pach

There’s a common anecdotal belief that every black cat takes longer to get adopted in shelters. Artist Jenny Jinya recently emphasized the aforementioned in her viral black cat comics, revealing the relationship between coat color and adoption rates remains unclear.

In an ASPCA Study, black cats made up a total of 30% in shelters and with an impressive 31% of adoptions, they might simply be among the most common coat colors born to mixed-breed cats and interestingly, the most common to end up in shelters. Nevertheless, shelter workers are still very much worried about cats living on the streets and becoming a target for abuse.

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