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Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward


Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

From crop tops too small to men being sent body con, here are the most hilarious online shopping fails.

In this digital age, online shopping has become convenient and a popular way to purchase goods. With just a few clicks, we can have products delivered to our doorstep. But then, behind the convenience shopping lie some hilarious and unforgettable fails that have left customers in awe, and mostly utterly disappointed. Specifically, shopping for clothing online can lead to some surprises, especially when it comes to sizing. 

Even sometimes, the quality isn’t there and clothing can turn up as see-through. From cop tops that don’t fit properly to pieces that look entirely different in person, most people have been let down by the sizing. When it comes to online shopping, you never quite know what you’re going to get. A good example of the latter is listed below in this article. We’ve collated some of the biggest online shopping disasters, have a look and enjoy!

The Dissed Dress 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward
anni_mtt | TikTok

This woman received a shocking surprise when she received a dress, she had ordered from SHEIN, as it left her breasts exposed. The black dress had a daring cut-out design meant to accentuate curves, but it fit so poorly that she had to wear a camisole underneath to prevent any wardrobe malfunction. In her TikTok video, she fumed: “Unbelievable! It got worse and worse.” In the comments, some said they’d experienced the same, with one writing, “I always have to remind myself that the body doesn’t come with the clothes.”

The Swamping White Trousers 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward
Pretty Little Thing

A Pretty Little Thing customer had a rather amusing experience when she received a pair of white trousers in an absurd size. Sophie Monk, the shopper, shared a photo of herself holding the £20 trousers next to the picture from the clothing brand’s website. The model looked normal-sized in the image, but on Sophie, they appeared huge, nearly reaching up to her neck. The pants were not only balloon-like in shape but also excessively long for her.

Tank Top As A Body-Con Dress 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

This man had a hilarious experience when he placed an order for a tank top on Amazon, but instead received a body-con dress. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he saw the absurd mix-up. The dress he received looked completely different from the one he had seen in the side-by-side comparison shared on Reddit. The Amazon top was supposed to be a fitted vest for men, but when he tried it on, it ended up fitting him like a tight body-con dress. The man joked: “I got this tank top on Amazon and they sent me a dress. On the plus side, it does make my arse look great.”

The Low Waist Short From Online Shopping

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

When ordering clothes online, there’s always the risk of receiving something that looks completely different. This happened to an Amazon shopper who came across a beautiful white and blue cropped set on the website. She added it to her cart, but her excitement turned to disbelief when the item arrived and didn’t match the size or appearance depicted online. The shopper shared a photo of the mismatch on Reddit and comments emerged, with one writing, “Always order four sizes larger!!! Hasn’t anyone told you?” Another commented: “Oh hell’s yes. That face that succinctly says, ‘Just shoot me now.’

The Leggings Fail 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

A fitness fan was disappointed when she tried on a pair of leggings from online shopping. The gym bottoms featured a graphic print that ended up looking much more risqué than intended. The design showcased some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One Redditor joked: “Omfg. I snorted. I need to get these for my significant other. She’s always wanted a penis of her own!” Another said: “It’s even in the actual spot.”

The Crop Top 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward
Constance Hall

This mother of seven from Australia had a good laugh when she received a sexy bralette she had ordered online, which ended up making her appear as if she had four br**sts. Constance Hall shared a hilarious side-by-side photo of what she expected the bralette to look like versus how it looked upon arrival. She captioned her post, “When you size up just in case. The old four b**b rears her four heads.”

The Gigantic £75 ASOS Coat

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

This woman couldn’t help but burst into laughter when the coat she ordered online turned out to be completely different. The £75 jacket from ASOS appeared stunning and attractive on the website, but when Eve Curran tried on the brown Croc vinyl trench coat in real life, it didn’t live up to her expectations. Eve tweeted: “Expectations vs reality @ASOS”.The post earned likes and numerous comments, with one writing, “Naw Eve. I laughed so much.” And the ASOS shopper responded: “Hahahaha how funny is that.”

The Pants Only BFG Would Wear 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward
Nasty Gal

This shopper took advantage of a discounted offer for faux leather pants on the online shopping site Nasty Gal, only to be met with pants looking oversized that they resembled something that would fit the childhood character BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Ashley, from the UK, humorously described having a “mental breakdown” upon receiving the trousers. She said: “I would like to shout out to Nasty Gal. I’d like to lodge a grievance because I ordered some trousers from you and I’ve been having a mental breakdown for three days over them. I now feel ready to talk about it. I’d just like to know who the hell did you model these on, the BF f***ing G?”

The One Size Fits Al Jumper 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

Phaith Montoya, from the US, purchased a black zipped jumper from a small business and looked forward to trying it on. She intended to showcase the item to her three million fans but was left disappointed when she realized the jumper was way too small. Despite buying a size 3X that was supposed to “fit all,” the garment was so tight that it cut into her skin, leaving her in tears. She said: “When you claim your clothes will go up to a 3XL — one size fits up to a 3X – mean that! Because I literally just had to cut this up, unlogged the zipper out of my skin, and cut my stomach up. I had to cut myself out of the outfit because it did not, in fact, fit up to a 3X.”

Wedding Gown Goes Wrong 

Online Shopping Fails That Are Hilariously Awkward

This woman placed an order for a white gown online, believing it was the perfect dress for a bride to wear down the aisle, but the reality left her laughing out loud. She took to Reddit and joked, ‘Perks of shopping one.’ While most joined her in the laughter, someone commented, looking at the positives. They wrote, “At least it fits you nicely.” Another commented, “Just put a big smiley mouth where the stomach is and you got yourself a nice happy dress.” 

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