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OnePlus 8 Confirms 120Hz As Samsung S20 Might Also Keep It


OnePlus 8 Confirms 120Hz As Samsung S20 Might Also Keep It

They’re using Samsung OLED with even more accurate color display.

Goes without saying that this year’s battle on the smartphone is the amazing refresh rate of 120Hz on AMOLED display. Samsung S20 was the first to be rumored to sport this spec, but for a while back, sources said that it might be canceled.

It’s been confirmed again that 120Hz won’t be canceled as they had no reason to. Since OnePlus 8 has confirmed that they will be using the same tech for their display.

OnePlus 8 will have a superb display.

Last year, they stunned people with their 90Hz refresh rate on OnePlus 7. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted on their community’s forum, that they will be using Samsung’s ‘Fluid Display’ for their 2020 release. It also supports the even higher color reading that gives us an even more accurate representation of colors on our display.

ROG phone 2 did it first but none has done it this year. By the time OnePlus 8 comes out, however, Samsung would have released their S20 with the same display tech. One concern that goes with this is the fact that it will burn through the battery life really quick. 90Hz was already posing an issue and 120Hz will definitely be worse.

It’s certainly interesting to see what else the company has to say about their event in Shenzhen, China.

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