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Norwegian Artist’s 31 Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists


Norwegian Artist’s 31 Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists

A man whose soul was sold for comics.

‘Chez Cuckoo’ is a comic series started by Norwegian artist Torbjørn Lien. The 53-year-old man first published his own drawings when he was still in school back in his hometown, Mosjøen, Nordland. The man is best known for his comic “Kollektivet” which started 20 years ago.

A cartoonist almost his whole life, he saw his two-decade-old comic series got translated into English for the international audience to enjoy. He’s also written for a pioneer Norwegian RPG game, “Imperum 3000.”

We’ve collected some 30 of his recent comics for our readers to enjoy. And if you love them, you could totally get a copy of the books here! And stay tuned with us, or go give the man a follow on Instagram.

“The best diet!”

At least I’m not home.

“All those…masks.”

“Evil Tattoo.”

“Evil Tattoo, part 2.”

“Evil Tattoo, part 3.”

“Evil Tattoo, part 4.”

“Evil Tattoo, part 5.”

“Evil Tattoo, part 6.”

“Evil Tattoo, part 7.”

“Evil Tattoo, final part.”

“I ❤ garlic!”

“It’s bait!”


“Reel them in!”

The Perks of a Single Man.

High-end phones.

“Kitchen Talk, part 1.”

“Kitchen Talk, part 2.”

“Kitchen Talk, last part.”

Double date.

Metal music.


“Horror Party, part 1.”

“Horror Party, part 2.”

“Horror Party, part 3.”

“Horror Party, last part.”

I’m bored.


Collectors are so weird!

Keep your distance!

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