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Newborn Baby Has Legs Broken During Botched Delivery By Unqualified Midwives


Newborn Baby Has Legs Broken During Botched Delivery By Unqualified Midwives

They quickly turned blue and had to be brought to the hospital immediately.

A couple of ‘highly educated parents‘ have been scrutinized for having hired unqualified midwives for home births. They claimed to have wanted to follow showbiz stars who did so, but it resulted in the broken legs of their newborn baby boy instead.

The duo amateur midwives were not able to deliver the baby who was in a breech position. The couple who are based in Voronezh city did not seek immediate help as the women delayed the decision and ‘panicked’.

The baby’s feet turned blue because they were forcefully pulled out during birth. He got stuck in the same position and the midwives initially believed the baby will revert back to the birthing position before the delivery time.

Ivan Z, the father, said the two did not was to call an ambulance because they didn’t want to face ‘criminal liability’ for being unqualified for the procedure. But when it because critical, they hailed the mom into their car and drove the couple to a maternity hospital.

When they got there, hospital spokeswoman Oksana Kozlova described that it was a crisis, but the lives of the baby and mother were saved thanks to their quick action.

Hospital spokeswoman Oksana Kozlova explains that while it was a crisis, everything was handled properly and the baby’s life was saved.

She added, “He was born with fractures and other dangerous injuries that occurred because the mother decided to use the services of a private assistant in childbirth instead of going to the hospital.”

Chief gynecologist of the region, Olga Samofalova, gave a stern warning: “It is surprising that often home births with pseudo-helpers are chosen not by unenlightened people, but by women with higher education. These parents were carried away by beautiful stories from social networks about show business stars.”

“In reality, women who decided to choose the ‘natural birth’ often end up with severe disabling injuries, massive bleeding, abscesses, and necrosis which can cause them to lose their lives and even their unborn children,” she continued.

She added that the baby boy has been saved and he will remain to receive continuous treatment for fractures in both of his legs as well as oxygen starvation.

Ivan Z mentioned the midwives, Valeria and Ekaterian, were qualified when they had their home delivery classes. The mother had also received homeopathic remedies to get the baby to turn back to the right position. But he didn’t and there were no doctors to consult.

Despite the fact that the midwives had put the woman and baby’s life in danger, they demanded almost £200 for the home delivery service and had disappeared after they were threatened of footage of the last five hours of delivery. He also showed his gratitude to the doctors of Semiluksky maternity hospital to have saved his two family members’ lives.

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