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Netflix Investor Mark Cuban Is Not Worried Over Disney+ And Backs Netflix


Netflix Investor Mark Cuban Is Not Worried Over Disney+ And Backs Netflix

Netflix is still a giant.

Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur, and investor of Netflix shows brimming confidence in Netflix as the ultimate streaming platform when asked on his stance. Disney+ which recently launched did not have the smoothest start, but it was certainly flexing its huge fanbase by revealing that over 10 million people have signed up.


It seems that his confidence is backed up with evidence on the rising stock price of Netflix with the drop of Disney’s.

Cuban points out that while Disney is a big media company, it is not one that began as a streaming company. It has many kinds of markets to satisfy those who’ve grown, those who enjoy the rides to families with kids who are just searching for a new streaming service.

Netflix has been boosting on providing even more original content. Netflix is a very affordable streaming service that can be operated on multiple platforms. They also provide 4K and UHD streaming to up to 4 difference screens.

Shows like ‘Strangers Things’, ‘The OA’, ‘Black Mirror’, ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and many more have been the reasons that people stay and can’t leave. There are no other places where they can stream or download all episodes and sync watch progress throughout platforms without delay. Disney+ is proven to still lack in their functionality.

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