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Motorola Is Bringing Back The New Razr And People Forget What Year It Is!


Motorola Is Bringing Back The New Razr And People Forget What Year It Is!

An advanced foldable smartphone!

There was a period when Motorola was undeniably the most significant cellphone maker in the world. Despite larger companies in the game, the company was known for cool phones – Slim and stylish flip phones flooding the international market.

Well, they got silent, not until a recent stumble! I became confused when I came across a tweet that Motorola is bringing back a new type of Razr Phone. I started wondering if I traveled back in time accidentally.

Motorola Razr! I screamed out loud!!

Check out the image of the old one, I bet it will juggle up your memory once again.

Motorola / Via

In the real world, it’s 2019 and Motorola is coming out with a new Razr. The new model is expected to be a foldable smartphone, really. Yes, it’s true!

Here it’s folded closed

Motorola / Via

And here it’s opened

Motorola / Via

Here it’s entirely opened with the full screen

Motorola / Via

You can use the touchscreen when it’s both opened and closed. And with no creases on the screen when it unfolded, people are beginning to imagine the magic behind the new device.

There appear to be some stylistic similarities with the old and new models. Although a lot has clearly changed since the phone got introduced in 2014

Motorola / Via

Well, if you are interested in the new razor, its technological advancement comes with a fixed price of $1,499. Therefore, will you be getting the new Razr for the coming holidays?

For me, I sure will give it a trail!!

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