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Mother Reunited With Her Deceased Daughter Via Virtual Reality And It’s Heartbreaking


Mother Reunited With Her Deceased Daughter Via Virtual Reality And It’s Heartbreaking

No words can describe the pain of a parent who lost a child.

“Where are you?” sobbed Jang Ji-sung. She twirled and heard her daughter said, “Mom, Mom!” A black-haired girl in purple dress ran out from behind stacks of wooden planks. Ji-sung has longed for the voice of Nayeon, she never thought in her life that she will be talking to her again after all these years.

“Mom, where were you?” Nayeon asked her, eyes twinkling with curiosity. “I was always-“, but she was cut with more questions from Nayeon, “Did you think of me, mom?”

Ji-sung couldn’t hold back her tears. “I always do.”

“I’ve always missed you, mom, ” said the girl who had a pink sling bag with Elsa and Anna imprinted on it. “Mom misses you so much, too,” Ji-sung replied.

That was Jang Ji-sung’s first meeting with Nayeon, her daughter since she passed away from an unnamed disease in 2016. Ji-sung, who was constantly grieving, was able to converse and touch her daughter with the little girl who reassures her mom she’s now okay.

This scene unfolds through a Korean television show which reunites people with the family members they’ve missed so much through VR technology. ‘Meeting You’ is running on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, or MBC, and has been working on animating Nayeon to be as close as possible to the real girl.

The mother was reluctant to touch her at first, either it was awkwardness from adjusting in the VR world or because she was unable to process what she was seeing. But Nayeon asked her to hold her hand and she did. Her gloves were equipped with touch-sensitive technology.

Ji-sung was accompanied by Nayeon’s dad, brother and sisters who also cried as they watched her finally holding the daughter she’s missed so much.

She had her pictures taken by Nayeon, played with her and eventually, said goodbye to her after convinced that she’s now in a better place. Ji-sung has been wearing her ashes as her charm and did this documentary to help people cope with their loss.

Jang later wrote on her blog that she wishes people will be able to remember Nayeon from then on. She has also decided to love her more than she misses her now, so she can confident when she meets her again.

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