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Mom Took Kids For £1 Breakfast Deals, Called The Experience ‘Embarrassing’


Mom Took Kids For £1 Breakfast Deals, Called The Experience ‘Embarrassing’

A pleasant day out ended with a bit of a bitter taste.

Nothing feels as embarrassing as being told your voucher doesn’t work when you’ve brought your two kids to a pub for a nice breakfast. Farmhouse Inns are family-friendly pubs that recently offered an offer for every adult that orders a main meal to get the chance to pay only £1 for every kid’s meal.

They just have to sign up on the website for the vouchers, and one mom did just that. The offer also seemed pretty straightforward.

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Mom Took Kids For £1 Breakfast Deals, Called The Experience 'Embarrassing' 15

Until it simply didn’t work at the pub she visited. She shared the story with Manchester Evening News, “The voucher process was straightforward enough, and I didn’t have to wait too long for it to arrive in my inbox. But ordering the breakfast for myself and two children was a different story.”

She arrived early at Applewood Farm and was served quickly, so she immediately asked for the offer.

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“However, when I asked for two children’s breakfasts, I was told in no uncertain terms, ‘we don’t do children’s breakfasts. We just have the one adult size.'”

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Manchester Evening News

She showed her voucher to the waiter and showed the part that said, “This voucher entitles you to a small breakfast, any kids’ meal or Junior Carvery from the Kids’ Menu for £1 each on the purchase of an adult breakfast, main meal or carvery.”

And the employee told her, “Yes, I don’t know why they’ve put that as it’s supposed to just be main meals.”

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Manchester Evening News

She continued, “Now, the shy and retiring customer may well have slipped away quietly at this point or coughed up for three standard ones, but I wouldn’t be doing that on principle. Plus, we’ve been promoting the offer to parents in our Manchester Family articles, so I certainly wasn’t going to let it slide, especially when sausages were at stake!”

The staff discussed it when the mom pushed about the issue, and eventually, they gave her the offers. She spoke, “The receipt clearly states ‘kid breakfast’ £1, so I’m not quite sure where the problem stemmed from.”

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Manchester Evening News

The staff rubbed it in again as she continued the story, “As we headed over to the food counter – where you pick your own items from the buffet – his colleague already had my plates ready, one large plate for me and two smaller plates for the children.”

She knew her children don’t go for seconds like most kids, and they are typically picky about food anyways, so “the warning was rather unnecessary.” But it wasn’t the pleasant experience she expected on a nice day out.

“Overall, it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience, and I found it all a bit embarrassing, to say the least.”

mom shares 1 breakfast experience embarrassing 2
Manchester Evening News

Finally, a spokesperson for Applewood Farm explained what happened. They said, “We apologize for the confusion experienced. The team member who served you was confused about the offer but is fully aware of it now. Our adult breakfasts are ‘all you can eat,’ but our kids’ breakfast isn’t, which is why this was pointed out. We hope you all enjoyed your meals and hope to see you again soon.”

So, yes, the offers are valid and are running until August 22, every day except Sundays. One buffet package for breakfast costs £6.99 and an extra £1.99 for unlimited tea or coffee or £1 for a glass of juice.

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