Mom Reveals How She Keeps Her Walls And Doors Clean Using Fabric Softener

Mom Reveals How She Keeps Her Walls And Doors Clean Using Fabric Softener

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An Australian mom has revealed how to use a fabric softener to clean up her walls and doors at home. The mom admitted using a quarter cap of fabric softener with a bucket of warm water before using the solution to wash her walls.

‘I have been reading a lot about people cleaning their doors and walls with fabric softener in order to make it smell nice. I gave it a try and I am hooked.’ The mom wrote on Facebook.

Australian moms have revealed how to use fabric softener or laundry products to clean up their walls, toilet, and doors at home

She continued: ‘My walls now looks so amazing and it smells real good. Each room is now like walking through a field of roses. I can’t recommend the solution enough.’

Using the products for the same job, another mother posted her before and after photos online displaying how she removed dirt for doors she hadn’t cleaned since repainting the house 6years ago.

‘Who would have guessed these doors were actually white. On using the fabric softener, a bit of water and a stiff brush, including scrubbing like mad –up and down with damp cloth, the result is incredible.’ The mom wrote in a Facebook Group titled ‘Mums Who Clean Facebook Group.

The mom also admitted residing in a mining town where dust is usually everywhere and her doors have, however, not been scrubbed in 6years.

The effectiveness of these household items was further demonstrated by a third mother who posted a photo to Facebook displaying how she used a supermarket purchased shaving foam to clean the inside and outside of her toilet.

The woman shared the before and after photos to the aforementioned Facebook group, advising the foam should soak for about 30mins before it’s wiped off with a cloth or mop.

Other women who gave it a shot attested to the effectiveness, most especially at removing the smell of urine completely. A few warned of not leaving the foam for too long as it can harden up and become extremely difficult to remove.