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Mom And Daughter Duo Recreate Celebrity Styles, And They Look Superb


Mom And Daughter Duo Recreate Celebrity Styles, And They Look Superb

So adorable!

Stefani loves fashion and dressing up, that’s for sure! She and her mom, Alya Chaglar, have been busy recreating low-budget fashion based on celebrities’ iconic fashion looks. The mom-daughter duo from Antalya, Turkey, became so popular on Instagram where people wouldn’t stop gushing over how cute Alya looks!

Honestly, it’s tough to choose who’d done it better between the celebrities and cute Alya with their handmade outfits!


Janelle Mon獺e

Tyra Banks

Alya Byurkland Chaglar and Stefani Chaglar from Turkey have such a close mom and daughter relationship and often share how they spend their time together. The best part of it all is that the duo would often make the dresses and outfits from scratch! They’d use any materials that are lying around the house for the most low-budget, million-dollar fashion picture!

Lady Gaga

Cardi B

Meghan Markle


Millie Bobby Brown

Janelle Mon獺e

Nicole Kidman

Serena Williams


But recreating celebrity’s looks isn’t the only thing that Stefani’s got going. She and her mom, Alya, loves going on princess trips where Stefani would look absolutely lovely in gowns and dresses. Thanks to their popularity on Instagram with more than 350k followers, they are often hired to make Stefani wear all kinds of dresses – which is a total win-win for both!

Hailee Steinfeld

Katy Perry

Nicki Minaj

Priyanka Chopra

Sririta Jensen Narongdej

Billie Eilish

Taylor Swift

You’ll even be more surprised to know that Stefani also loves to draw up dress and clothes designs. She loves drawing, and her mom fully supports her by letting her express her passion for art and fashion! It’s truly beautiful, and we just can’t wait to see her next celebrity look!

Jennifer Lopez

C矇line Dion

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