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Model Reveals She Won’t Date ‘Stingy Men’ Who Want To Split The Bill On Dates


Model Reveals She Won’t Date ‘Stingy Men’ Who Want To Split The Bill On Dates

It’s not the amount but it signifies something.

You’ve heard of gold diggers and opportunistic women who went for lobsters and expensive wine on dates. They were hoping their male partners to pay for their expensive lunch. Awful, but the notion of men should pay the bills is something that has been hanging around for long since men were mostly the breadwinners.

But times has changed and there are are many women nowadays whose wage exceeds the average men get. Still, writer and model Peta Serras thinks men should still paying the first bill.

“People always misread me on this topic; call me a gold digger or a princess,” wrote Peta. “It’s about what the money signifies.”

She gave two examples of great dates that turned bad. One is her own where she drove 40 minutes from out of town to meet a guy.

“We had an amazing first date, but things went downhill quickly after the bill arrived at the table and I got the expectant look,” the model wrote. Everything became obvious when her date kept asking equal split “despite the large pay gap due to his generous salary.”

She knew she drew the short straw on their last date when “he wanted my $3.00 for the macchiato” she just drank after she drove 40 minutes to see him.

The next experience was worse and it happened to her friend who was invited to a pricey venue. Her date kept bragging her pay, ordered a pricey menu with expensive wine and dropped the bomb when the bill came as “he asked to split the painfully exxy bill.”

Does that mean you cannot be a feminist if you appreciate a free lunch? Peta wrote, “I believe you can still consider yourself a feminist and accept a nice meal from someone. And conversely, you can also be a feminist and buy someone else a meal, too.”

She continued, “Let me be clear on this: if I ask a guy out and go to the effort of arranging the date, then I expect to foot the bill for the whole date.” Much to everyone’s agreement, relationships is a shared burden instead of being one.

She continued, “You might be fine to split the bill, but I see it as an indication for (worse) things to come.”

“If he’s stingy with his wallet, it’s guaranteed he will be with other things, too.”

She ended what may seemed like a gold digger column with a wise and true-to-all statment, “I believe we all need to have standards, and one of mine is I won’t date a stingy man who wants to split the bill, because I value generosity.”

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