Mesmerizing Snow Labyrinth In Poland Looks Like It Came Out Of A Fairy Tale

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To Many Europeans, Zakopane rings a small bell of spurring beautiful memories. To others who are clueless, its the name of a small town in Poland with an area of about 32 square miles. This town is often referred to as “the winter capital of Poland”, an ice resort and a popular destination for winter sports as well as tourism in the region.

But Zakopane is loved for something much more fascinating; this little town is home to the world’s largest snow maze that covers a space larger than ten tennis courts combined.

To construct this winter wonderland, It took 50 workers to lay over 60,000 ice blocks over a span of one month. The mesmerizing ice structure is complete with a 16-meter snow castle too, and as you guessed its full of chambers with hidden treasures and ice sculptures all for the visitors to find.

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This snow maze in Poland is the largest one in the world

When evening approaches, the maze is colorfully lit up which makes the whole mountain- and the near surrounding area look like it came straight out of the fairy world.

It spreads across 2500 square meters

And was built by piecing together over 60,000 ice blocks

Snowlandia has proved to be a huge hit among tourists, people travel from all over the world to get lost in the maze and drown in the beauty of the wonderful sculptures. The snow land was designed by artists from Poland and Slovakia and will be open again to the public from January 2020.

The winter wonderland a castle complete with hidden tunnels and a watchtower

And inside of it are hidden treasures

And mesmerizing ice sculptures

Here’s what tourists who visited Snowlandia had to say