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Meet Jessica, A Down Syndrome Model Who Paves The Way To Changing Industry


Meet Jessica, A Down Syndrome Model Who Paves The Way To Changing Industry

She inspires other Down Syndrome children to not give up on their dreams.

Jessica Jacinto looked physically different than her peers from a young age, and many were able to say something about her right off the bat: she has Down Syndrome. The Venezuelan model realizes that she’s different than most, but that is never enough to stop her from chasing after her dreams.

Venezuelan model Jessica Jacinto is creating history, much like Sofía Jirau.

She grows up with a very unique physical appearance to Down Syndrome children. She also experiences slow mental development. Almost as if it’s a natural thing, she also suffers from discrimination for being born as such.

But Jessica has now been modeling for eight years!

Her career began when she was still in high school and was finally done with all the sports she’s tried. From swimming to gymnastics, none of it ever made her feel as happy as when she walked the runway. And she experienced it for the first time when she participated in a beauty pageant dedicated to only girls with Down Syndrome.

Jessica’s mother, Yanira, could see the way her daughter shine and knew then and there that “this was her world.”

Jessica shares that modeling makes her feel “empowered,” and she is truly “passionate” about her career. She compares it to students chasing after higher education for their dream careers.

“The minute I’m on the catwalk, I become someone else,” shared the model. “It’s almost as if there was someone else inside me suddenly coming out. I feel empowered.”

And for the last decade, she and her mother have been working hard on this career, bringing her from one designer to another and one brand to another.

She’s also been described as a positive ball of energy by her peers and those who’ve worked with her.

The two of them couldn’t emphasize more the hard work they’ve put in so far, and Yanira is very well-aware that they still have a long way to go for Jessica. In fact, Jessica has been rejected by many brands as she bears not the look that conforms to the current rigid standards of beauty.

Yet, they haven’t given up, and in fact, Yanira has often been asked by other parents in the same situation.

“Nothing is easy,” she would tell them. “But nothing is impossible either.”

Now also a verified member of the Venezuelan Red Cross, Jessica gets involved in a project called “We are different, but not inferior”.

We love such an inspiring and hardworking girl!

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