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Meet Coral Kwayie: The Model Changing The Face Of Beauty

Meet Coral Kwayie: The Model Changing The Face Of Beauty


Meet Coral Kwayie: The Model Changing The Face Of Beauty

Coral Kwayie describes her style as clean, and simple and she loves to experiment with shapes.

Growing up, Coral Kwayie wasn’t surrounded by people of different cultures and everyone was white. It was quite a concern as not only is she a mixed race [her dad is Ghanaian and her mum is British], but she also has ginger hair and freckles. And as a result, she didn’t fit in anywhere, and she had known that from a young age. No matter where she is people often stare as if she’s somewhat of a clown. Kwayie had even been asked if she was half leopard and she positively accepted the remark. 

Now, the model, 26, seems to be redefying the meaning of beauty, while breaking stereotypes. Kwayie is particularly famous for her iconic, freckle-flecked look and her passion for beauty has led to collaborations with brands such as Glossier, Dior, YSL Beauty, Savage Fenty, and Calvin Klein among others. Here we’ve collated some of Kwayie’s beauty tips and routines, guaranteed to inspire you. Have a look and enjoy as you scroll through.

Coral Kwayie Skincare Routine

The Great Britain native doesn’t feel shy about the freckles that cover her entire face. Kwayie hardly uses makeup and bravely shows off her natural beauty. But for her skincare routine, the beauty regularly does a lil facial massage using a strawberry booster to soften, strengthen and soothe her skin. 

Coral Kwayie Beauty Tips

The model is a pioneer of multi-use products, always. Kwayie doesn’t have a step-by-step beauty tip but enjoys using a range of powder bronzers, eyeshadow palettes, and lip oils, as seen in most videos on her Instagram. 

Coral Kwayie Skincare Products

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To maintain her skin, Kwayie regularly uses skincare products from different popular brands, including Victoria Beckham Beauty, U Beauty, Medik8, Selfridges x Dior Beauty, ILIA, Merit Beauty, Zara, Charlotte Tilbury, Susanne Kaufmann, Fenty Skin and more recently, Farfetch.

Skincare Secrets

The secret to Kwayie’s skincare secrets is very simple. According to VotaryLondon, the model urges not to limit skincare to the face but to always treat the neck and chest with the same love. 

Glowing Skin

If you’re on a mission to get extra glowy skin or a perfectly smooth foundation application, then oilplaning should be your focus. As seen in Kwayie’s videos, oilplaning is a top priority in her beauty routine as it helps give smoother dermaplaning results by preventing excessive dryness or sensitivity. 

Skincare Regimen

The first thing Kwayie does, as seen in her video, is to apply enough face oil over her entire face, before going on to apply the rest of her skin care products including sunscreen. 

Skincare Tips

The model also uses what is called the banana concealer. It’s described as a universal color corrector that evens skin tone and adds brightness. The concealer is used under the eyes to instantly look like you’ve got a full night’s sleep. 

Flawless Skin

To maintain her flawless skin, Kwayie wears the celestial black Diamond eye masks. The formula contains a small amount of retinol to retexture skin without irritation, vitamins to improve discoloration, and a potent peptide complex to fight lines.  

Coral Kwayie Skincare Recommendations

The model whose freckle-flecked beauty has landed her collaborations with titles including i-D has a fitting fixation and that’s skincare. However, Kwayie often recommends that people find and use the best skin products that fit their color and importantly avoid products that will cause irritation and acne among others.

Skincare Favorites

Kwayie skincare favorites range from Victoria Beckham Beauty, U Beauty, Medik8, Selfridges x Dior Beauty, ILIA, Merit Beauty, Zara, Charlotte Tilbury, Susanne Kaufmann, Fenty Skin, and more recently, Farfetch.

Skincare Hacks

Every weather season has its skincare hacks but for the winter weather, the skincare hacks to opt for include ditching the hot water, never skipping SPF, swapping those lightweight lotions for thicker creams, applying skincare products to damp skin, avoiding over-exfoliation, and lastly, developing a lip care routine.

Skincare Essentials

For Kwayie, her skincare essentials include an advanced night repair serum, a humidifying cream that is perfect for warmer weather, the brow sculpt, a fluid sheer glow enhancer shade, a liquid eyeshadow in 30M, a melting color balm in Neo Nude, a lip power in 214 and a lip definer in 05.

Coral Kwayie Natural Skincare

The model hardly uses makeup and enjoys flaunting her natural face after oil planning. However, she doesn’t appear to joke with her lips. She enjoys using the @diorbeauty Lip Tattoo in Natural Sienna. 

Coral Kwayie Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

Kwayie’s skincare routine for acne-prone skin, includes gentle cleansing, targeted treatment, oil-free moisturizing, sun protection, and avoiding touching or picking at breakouts.

Coral Kwayie Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

For her sensitive skin, the model follows a gentle skincare routine that includes mild cleansing, fragrance-free products, soothing moisturizers, and diligent sun protection to maintain a healthy complexion.

Coral Kwayie Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

For dry skin, Kwayie establishes a skincare routine that focuses on gentle cleansing, hydrating moisturizers, regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, and incorporating a rich, emollient cream for lasting hydration. She also enjoys oilplaning. 

Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

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The model’s routine for oily skin is very simple as it only involves using oil-free cleansers and opting for lightweight moisturizers. 

Coral Kwayie Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

Kwayie has established a well-rounded skincare routine for combination skin by utilizing gentle cleansers, balancing toners, targeted treatments, and SPF protection to address both oily and dry areas for a radiant complexion.

Coral Kwayie Skincare Routine For Mature Skin

A routine for mature skin includes using anti-aging serums, rich moisturizers, eye creams, and broad-spectrum SPF to promote firmness, elasticity, and a youthful glow.

Tips For Clear Skin

Kwayie cleanses her face two to three times daily, exfoliates regularly to remove dead skin cells, moisturizes with non-comedogenic products, protects from sun damage with SPF, and maintains a healthy lifestyle through proper hydration and a balanced diet.

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